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September 26, 2007


Inquiring Minds

I'd like to see what Adam Probolsky says about this poll...

Karen A Finn

Chriss Street needs to be held accountable no matter what. I cannot see how anyone in his right mind cannot see that at this point. No matter how you voted in the past, what is going on right now is a disgrace to Orange County and Chriss Street is a liability. I can only hope when it all comes down Orange County does not get sued once again. No matter what side of the coin you are on Rep. or Dem. that should play no part in this at all! Since this office is suppose to be for the people of all of Orange County. Not just the few. Unless you think your tax dollars are better than my tax dollars... Hmm??

Karen A Finn
Police Officers Wife

Balance the scales

Let's see...select questions, pre-determined answers...to wit:

How Polls work 101

"If you knew Jubal slept with your wife, shot your dog, ate your kids milk & cookies and used your tv remote, would you be most likely to..."

A) Say "There's a stand up guy."
B) Be really impressed with his tenacity and nerve.
C) Divorce your wife, buy a new dog, get your kids some more milk & cookies.
D) Want to hunt him down, castrate and them bleed him real slow

What ever happend to Republicans requiring all the facts (proof) over suspesions before skewering one of their own? I ask that because in the same light, why in the world is Mike Carona still the Sheriff when there was plenty of proof to run him out of office? Is it because he (Carona) has done too many political favors compared to Chris Street, who just got elected? What was the first thing Carona did after he got elected?
Answer: He went to the BOS and had them lower the hiring standards for Assistant Sheriffs so he could bring in Jaramillo and Haidl. What's worse, buying expensive furniture and remodeling your office or, knowingly hire corrupt, unqualified men against the advice of others, to uphold the law?

You want to clean up this county? Start at the top - get rid of Carona. Regarding Street, wait for the proof before you fire up the tar & feathers.


The problem with what "Balance the scales" says is this:
Street has done all the things that were asked in the poll. Read the questions and you will see it was a factual description of his actions. Jubal (to my knowledge) has not done what was posted about the tv remote and drinking the milk etc.

Street is an elected official in charge of billions of dollars of OUR tax money. Jubal runs a blog and is not elected to safeguard our money from another bankruptcy train wreck. Street is supposed to safeguard us from bankruptcy and financial mismanagement. He has a pattern of financial mismanagement and financial improprieties.

What I'd like to hear Adam discuss is what he thinks when people who don't like his polling numbers attack his methodology. It's the last refuge of scoundrels and those on the wrong side of public opinion to attack the poll.

When nearly three quarters of the county voters weigh in with a negative opinion of Street, it's not due to the question framing, it's because Street's actions are EXTREMELY disconcerting.

If I was on the Board of Supervisors, I would heed the will of the voters and strip Street of his financial responsibilities immediately. Failure to act could be costly for each and every taxpayer and it could end up costing Supervisors their once safe seats in future elections.

Concerned In South County

How long does this have to go on for? The poll indicates what I could have already told you. The public has serious concerns about Street and his control over our county's money.

The board of supervisors are completely out of touch with the citizens of this county. It is clear from the poll and talking to my neighbors that people in Orange County hold their elected officials to a standard that is above being under multiple investigations. Our standards are above having a possible felon be in charge of BILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!

I hope the Board of Supervisors looks at this poll and listens to the citizens of this county. Mr. Street should be stripped of his investment powers and the Board of Supervisors should show the courage to act on behalf of me and all the citizens of Orange County.

-A Concerned Citizen

Karen A Finn

Everyone knows what my feeling are about good old Sheriff Carona! I have my website up. With the loss of my fahter less than (2) months ago trust me it takes time to get back. Sheriff Carona has not been out of site or out of mind. I see what he does everyday still to Orange County.

Karen A Finn
Police Officers Wife

Balance the scales

accountability4rtaxes said, "When nearly three quarters of the county voters weigh in with a negative opinion of Street..."

Uhhh, HELLOOO! 512 people are not "three quarters of the county." Any politco knows you buy a poll for a couple of reasons, one of those being you want a certain outcome you can wave in the media or a mailing that supports your position.

Then accountability4rtaxes said, "He has a pattern of financial mismanagement and financial improprieties."

Uhhhh, I didn't know the judge and jury came back on that one and I am quite connected and well-read. There is nothing but a "perception" at this point. Should we take notice? Yes. Should we fire up the tar & feathers? No. Why are a number of folks here afraid to wait and see how things play out in the investigation(s)? What if you're wrong? Will you humbly apologize and support Street then?

There IS one elected official in Orange County with a clearly proven, undeniable track record of mismanagement and improprieties; one who has been heavily fined recently by the FPPC; one who is supposed to be the poster child for a law abiding citizen. That person is none other than Sheriff Mike Carona.

What say you Scribes and Pharisies? In light of the blathering re Street and his potential problems, what should we do with the man called "Sheriff?"

Street Has To Go

This is a no brainer. Street has to go! The poll result was predictable because most people are sane.

Concerned In South County

Balance the Scales-

Good job on the math. You are right, 500+ respondents do not equal all of OC. That is why it is called a scientific poll... They are done like that for a reason. You cant call EVERYONE in Orange County, or the nation to get an opinion. That is why polls are designed to get a statistically significant population that you can have a 95% confidence interval of the actual opinion of OC Residents.

Use your red herrings all you want. Street is trouble and OC knows it!

concerned republican

chris street is an embarrassment to us republicans. The sooner he goes the better. We need change.

Concerned about my tax dollars

Chris Street's investigations have under cut investor confidence. He is clearly not up to the task of being in charge of public money. I don't trust him with my tax dollars. So why are the board of Supervisors trusting him? By allowing such a questionable person in charge of county investments the Board of Supervisors has clearly shown themselves to be out of touch from the citizens of OC. What are they waiting for? Virtually every poll shows that the citizens are concerned about Street. We should not have tu suffer through another Citron.

Joe Bailey

Concerned - I completely agree with you. It's time for the board to stop dragging their feet on this matter. The voters of Orange County have made it clear that their confidence in Street has diminished. He's shown us that he can't be trusted with making good decisions and needs to have his investment powers removed. The sooner, the better.

Balance the scales

Concerned in South County,

You obviously missed my How to take a Poll 101 class. What you consider "scientific," I consider a predictable outcome to carefully scripted questions. By the way, since when is a corrupt Sheriff with multiple ongoing investigations a red herring?

If as concerned republican says, "chris street is an embarrassment to us republicans. The sooner he goes the better. We need change." Then, Sheriff Mike Carona is the Biggest embarrassment to us Republicans. The sooner HE goes the better. We need change NOW!

I challenge Nick Bernardino and OCEA to take a similar poll about Sheriff Carona and all of the scandals that have undercut his ability to look after the most important of government funcitons- that of public safety. There are on-going federal investigations re Carona as we speak.

Why is Bernardio and OCEA silent on this matter but are going gangbusters against Street? C'mon, Nick, if you really care about public safety and public trust like you are crowing, take a poll on Carona's malfeasence, I double-dog dare you!!!

If we're going to clean house then let's clean house. Carona has already been found guilty on a number of fronts - he should go now. IF Street is found guilty - he should go as well when we have the same amount of proof we have on Carona.

Concerned In South County

Balance the Scales-

This is a thread about STREET not Mike Carona. Lets keep on the topic and stop throwing out information meant to distract.

Mike Caronoa doesn't oversee BILLIONS of investment dollars for a county that has had the largest municpal bankruptcy in American history. Chriss Street does.

And "carefully scripted"? You mean telling voters the factual truth? Street IS under investigation by the OC DA. Street IS under federal investigation. These are the facts.

If you want to talk about Carona I am sure you can start your own blog or go onto his blog: http://blog.ocsd.org

Stop trying to distract people from the issue here at hand. Chriss Street can't be trusted with our money.


It is very entertaining to see all these 'defenses' of Street and the lack of anybody standing up to defend what he did.

If any of you defenders of mismanagement and financial wrongdoing were interested in real balance, you would read the memo posted here and see the real truth. REPUBLICANS, INDEPENDENTS & DEMOCRATS all agree on the need to remove Street's financial powers and they ALL have very similar unfavorable views of Street's activities.

This poll and its so-called "predictable conclusions" are not about slanted questions or about predictable answers. It's much simpler than that:
The people are aware of Street's activities and they want action from the Board.

This much is clearly predictable: People believe financial chicanery should not be tolerated by the one elected official charged with managing billion of dollars of our tax money. The reason we have checks and balances in this great system is to allow oversight and control when crises like this develop.

It's time for the Board to stop protecting their own simply because they are worried about the splatter this roadkill will leave on their hands. Get Street out of office and you won't have to be attacking scientific polls in an effort to confuse the real issue:
Dumping Street and protecting our money

Balance the scales

Concerned In South County,

This thread is every bit as much about any elected official found outside the law and/or public trust. My main point - again - is that at this time everything about Street is allegations, while at the same time, we have a wolf guarding the hen house (Carona). My secondary point is the hypocrisy with which a number of you are going after Street but not after Carona. I'm for ethics at all level of government, aren't you???


REPUBLICANS, INDEPENDENTS & DEMOCRATS all agree on the need to remove Carona's police powers and they ALL have very similar unfavorable views of Carona's VERIFIED unethical activities. So why isn't that happening?

I'm not saying ignore Street. If he's guilty as charged then he should rightfully be removed from office. But, if we're going to hold Street accountable for his actions over a few months in office, what about holding Carona accountable for his actions over years in office? Why the double standard? It's a fair question. It's a question of whether or not we are going to apply balanced scales of justice on behalf of the voters.

It is simply WRONG to go after Street without going after Carona at the same time, if not first.

Concerned about my tax dollars

Balance the scales has missed the point entirely. The blog post is about Street. The title of the blog post is, "OCEA Poll: OCers Sour On Chriss Street." We are discussing the mismanagement and incompetence of Street. Your obsession with Corona is distracting you from the issue at hand: Street and our tax dollars.

Concerned In South County

Balance the Scales:

Maybe you need to go back to my "Logic and Debate for Beginners"

Main Entry: red herring
Function: noun
1 : a herring cured by salting and slow smoking to a dark brown color
2 [from the practice of drawing a red herring across a trail to confuse hunting dogs] : something that distracts attention from the real issue

The #2 Definition is exactly what you are doing.

Stop promoting your "Poll 101" and maybe enroll in "Logic and Debate for Beginners".

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