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September 28, 2007


Former Cavalry Trooper

I have long ago decided that I will NOT go to the PRK (peoples republic of Kalifornia) for any reason.
This is due to the fact that it seems the "loonies" rule the roost over there.
AZ has everything I could ever want and I can even legally carry a weapon if I choose to.


TO: "Ok, here's your reason:"

Hey dumbf#$k we fly commercial aircraft when deploying ... NICE TRY on dispelling the incident... STFU!

Gordon L. Hartley

There is absolutely NO DAMNED reason for these so called AMERICANS to treat our AMERICAN GI'S like this. I have personally lodge a complaint with the Oakland Mayors office and I Beg you all to do the same! BTW he's an ex-Marine!

Gordon L. Hartley
USAF Retired


Seems to be an issue with TSA which is a federal agency. What this has to do with Oakland or California I have no idea other than Gibson and Fox News pulling their usual pot stirring antics. Come on out to the Bay Area mid month when we host Fleet Week and the Blue Angels and see for yourself that Gibson, O'Rielly and all the other blowhard far right nutjobs are full of crap.

J. Philip,   Mt. Olive, Louisiana

Well, what say you deniers now ? I beleive Oakland Airport Authority and the Oakland Mayor and the rest of the bleeding heart liberal socialist owe our fine Marines an apology, because if not for their courage you wouldn't have the Freedom of Speech.

Tony Catrambone

These people at Oakland Airport just don't get it. But, I know they can count their money. Until they get it...Boycott Oakland Aiprport!

I often have to travel to the bay area on business. Perhaps anyone else that cares about our troops should make an effort not to travel through Oakland Airport. There are plenty of alternatives...Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco. Or, simply make the drive if you can. When they see their passenger count go down, perhaps they'll pay more attention to our troops.

PVT. potanginanyo



This is more disrespectful to our troops than NORFOLK VA. campaign (DOGS AND SALIORS KEEP OFF THE GRASS) pull federal moneys and programs out of Oakland.


Having been on a number of deployments, the explanation seems a bit thin. Yes they have a nice USO, so what if the troops can't get in to see it. Security is a bit thin, let's face it, only in the Bay Area would a planeload of Marines and Army troops be considered a security risk. I could be wrong but it used to be that the first US landing was where customs and other paperwork was accomplished, since they had been to JFK already, I fail to see the issue. As for the Runway issue, what they don't have taxiways??
USAF Retired

Don Bistrow

I posted the email to by blog yesterday with credits and trackback.

Today I received a comment referring my to a TSA statement as follows between stars:



On Thursday, September 27, 2007 North American Airlines flight #1777 carrying soldiers and marines landed at Oakland International Airport from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) where passengers were screened by U.S. Customs upon landing from overseas.

At no time were service men and women prohibited from entering the sterile area of Oakland International Airport by TSA personnel or regulations. Airport officials, the airline and ground handling company coordinated the arrival and all services associated with this flight, including refueling, refreshing supplies on the aircraft, maintenance checks and all passenger services.

TSA personnel across the country have worked closely with airports to ensure the utmost care when handling flights involving our troops and will continue to facilitate their movement to the greatest extent possible while ensuring a high level of security for all travelers.***

My response was this:

"At no time were service men and women prohibited from entering the sterile area of Oakland International Airport by TSA personnel or regulations."

Is the sterile area an area where all the public may shop and mingle?

Is this restricted to military personnel only and does this area have shopping facilities, restaurants and similar areas as the other areas within the terminal, if this is different from the regular terminal?

We understand the rest of the statement but it never says the Marines were, in fact, allowed into the airports regular terminal or non-USO facilities.

Therefore, we should presume the well written email stands unless refuted in a factual sense by TSA, not an elusive statement with more spin than substance.


I think this is B.S. Our men and women in the military have worked their butts off and this is how they are thanked? My husband is currently serving in the Army and if he is ever treated like that I will do my best to ruin future business for the company involved. Isn't this discrimination just like it would be if the plain was full of any other group of people??? It's wrong and very sad.


My husband was on this flight. Everything said in this letter is completely true. Sad, but true.


Seeing as how some of them had the privilege to rape and murder abroad, a little tarmac trouble is a small price to pay.


This is shameful! As an American as well as a native Californian I am totally embarressed by the treatment given to the men and women who put their lives on the line so the rest of us can have the freedoms we so often take for granted. Just think of what condition the world and our own country would be in if we didn't have devoted men and women who love what our country stands for...individual rights, freedom of speach, the right to travel where and when we please, the right to worship or not worship in our own way, you get my point. I hope people will show thier outrage and boycott Oakland Airport! And BRITTANY, I'd like to see you get your fat ass over there and see how you'd like to wear a bag over your head (being a female...I take it) and see you defend yourself. Just because we hear about one or two unfortunate events involving our guys doesn't mean they all go over there and go cray doing things they shouldn't. So if you don't like how things are here...get the hell out!


My mistake, Brittany, that should have been to BROCK, who probably is a guy (and prabably still needs a bag over his head).

Larry York

This is a slap in the face of our military. I don't understand how peple in our country could treat the volunteers that defend our country like criminals. There is more reverance and compassion given to wild animals in our country than to our soldiers. I am sure there are many patriotic people in Oakland that are upset with this action as I am. But I am also sure there are people on the left coast that are applauding this action. I wish these people would leave this country if they are so dissatisfied. Maybe they would come to appreciate the freedoms they have here and be thankful to the soldiers who fought and and who have died to protect those freedom rights.


All federal funding and support (including FAA air traffic controllers) should be pulled out of Oakland airport - let's see how long they stay in business then!
Or maybe the Marines from 29 Palms should roll some M1's in there and take it over so this doesn't happen again!

Dick Kruse

Most Marines are aware that the Bay Area is a liberal place that doesn't have much time for our government or our service men and women. During the Vietnam era I experenced the hatred first hand in Oakland and San Francisco. I am concerned that we have developed a "protected class" post World War Two who don't understand the personal sacrifice it takes to secure their rights. Clueless people living in a protected bubble. Patricia I'm sure you have had a protected life free from true conflict but I'm sorry, you don't have a clue.


Why? Most Military members experience the unwelcome mat when we arrive at the Bay area. I experienced this feeling of not being welcomed back to our country the USA when I returned from Vietnam 1967-68. Our Military should never be treated like second class citizens, these rights are being taken away. The privileges of free men and women.


Why? Most Military members experience the unwelcome mat when we arrive at the Bay area. I experienced this feeling of not being welcomed back to our country the USA when I returned from Vietnam 1967-68. Our Military should never be treated like second class citizens, these rights are being taken away. The privileges of free men and women.


Brock, are you freaking kidding me? What an idiot. I've been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and I'll bet you haven't. Rather than raping and murdering, what I saw and did was humanitarian aid. Ever give life saving shots (innoculations) to kids in Africa? Ever provide veternary services to farmers in third world countries? Ever give a bottle of water to a kid who was literally dying of thirst in 150F temperatures. We found lion pits where Hussein would feed opponents to lions for fun not to mention the rape and torture chambers. Come on... Yeah, I figured you hadn't been there. As far as the Oakland Airport goes, it appears to me the airline screwed up and didn't do necessary coordination, but yeah, the airport could have used a little judgement. Hey, a phone call apology from the airport director to the Commander of 3rd Marine Regiment is all that's necessary for this to go away.


Russ, unlike in the Vietnam era where returning Vets were spit on etc, today - WE HIT BACK. Its called Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, and its very effecitve.

sgt kevin elkins

as a retired us army nco, i think the president of theses united states of america and gov. of the state of california owe the us marines and every member of the armed forces an apology for this treatment, if that does not happen i think the marines out to do what marines and every other service member would do if they found themselves under attack in iraq or anywhere else( enough said, an "enemy is an enemy" ) we all swore to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. "
................."rangers lead the way, sir"


The Federal Gov. should pull all funding for the FAA and TSA and any other agency. To shut this Airport down for disallowing any soldier his due right to return home after their serving our country. Any member of the Congress or Senate not willing to stop the funding should be concerned about re-election. No matter what feelings we have about war no service man or woman should be denied their right to COME HOME!

Miscommunication on the ground is the weakest excuse that anyone could use.

I am sure that everyone was aware several days before theitr arrival that Marines were COMING HOME.



I don't think everyone 'gets it'. The airplane had a stop in Oakland. The unit was from Hawaii (probably 3rd Marine Regiment). Families of Marines who were from the Oakland area came to the airport to see thier Marines during the layover. The airport should have clued in on all the signs and people waiting, but they were stupid, not necessarily mean. California has always been great to us Marines, and I'd go back in a minute.

I think the statements of apology are the right way to go. Look, San Francisco wouldn't let us film a commercial in their city a month or two prior to this. Now that's rediculous and they sould be cut off from federal funding; but Oakland, with thier obvious embarassment and apologies demonstrated that they had no idea what happens when you ignore Marines. Love us, hate us, just don't ignore us.

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