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September 29, 2007


Allan Bartlett

I was kinda hoping Newt would dive in and dilute the pro war vote some more.

A sad day for America when Newt decided NOT to run. A man of vision and a one-man think-tank is what America needs.

I guess I'll stay home this coming election.


On the one hand Democrats are sorry Newt won't be in the hunt. The image of he and Rudy arguing as to who was a stronger supporter of traditional family values would be priceless.

On the other hand, Democrats realize as much as they like to demonize him, Ginrich gets the need for the GOP to reach beyond the hackneyed pablum the current GOP front runners are churning out to a narrow ideological and ethnic audience that betrays the big tent philosophy of Lee Atwater. The less I see of guys like Newt Ginrich and Mike Huckabee the better.

Milk Man

Fred Thompson should send Newt a 'thank you' card. A Gingrich presidential campaign would take away some conservative support from Thompson.

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