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September 20, 2007


JoAnn Glasman

How can people lie so about a wonderful, faithful priest like Msgr. John Urell!! I am especially appalled by the fact that Bishop McFarland who was the Bishop of Orange at that time did not come forth with any support for Msgr. Urell. Obviously there is no truth to these unfair accusations, and the bishop has to know that. We support Msgr. Urell with all our hearts & souls.....a fine, fair, outstanding priest.


I'm wondering why the judge allowed the deposition of Msgr. Urell in the first place if he had no involvement whatsoever in the Jane Doe episode. Are attorney's allowed to depose people just because they feel like it whether or not they have any evidence of that person having been involved in the case?
Do we have a judge here that's overstepping her bounds? Just wondering.

Jordan Dayne

That's right JoAnn.. Urell stated in his deposition that he is trying very hard to forget what happened. He Is trying very hard to forget the victims. How the hell is he supposed to do that, with everyone bringing this crap up every 5 minutes?

I just hope and pray he is able to forget about it all during his stay in Canada... then any deposition will just be a waste of time, becuase he will have no recollection. That will show those pathetic victims and lawyers who's in charge. God is in charge and he loves Urell more than he loves you. You will see..

Ron Regan

The articles written over the past two weeks represent nothing less than irresponsible reporting that is misleading to the public. Reporters hide behide "I just write the facts" to deflect how they position the few facts printed to lead the reader down a pathway of their chosing. No one should ever confuse the fact that the Register is in business to sell newspapers and make money. If they were here to write an objective story chances are good the articles would not achieve the sensationalism to hold a readers attention. Under the guise of freedom of speech we are witness to a series of articles that are nothing less than character assassination.
I feel for the victims who were abused and hope they can move on with their lives in a healthy manner. I also feel for Msgr Urell who is also a victim based for accepting an assignment with devotion to the church. The silence from the Bishop Brown is almost deafening in support of Msgr. Urell who was assigned to a position and told to follow the process adopted by the church. As bad as the articles are misleading, it seems Bishop Brown is also not without fault for he has abandoned Msgr Urell and left him to shoulder the public outcry. I also question the churches decision to have Msgr begin the healing process at the Southdown facility in Canada. Southdown is one of three facilities in North America the church uses to support our clergy in times of need. What were they thinking when they approved Southdown which is more well known for abusers?? Make one wonder.

Over the past four years I have witnessed Msgr Urell address numerous challenges at St. Norbert Church with deep thought, faith and wisdom. His choices and decisions have demonstrated a man commited to unifying and growing the faith of the church community. Unfortunately, the general public has not had a window to witness his vast contributions. Msgr Urell remains a trusted friend, a confidant and my spiritual leader. At this moment I only want to give back what he has given to me and my family. Our prayers are with him and our faith are in him!


I am absolutely appalled that the current Bishop and former Bishop have obviouly made the decision to abandon Msgr Urell. Shame on them for not coming to his defense publicly. Instead they both choose to betray the man who has done so much for his church and for them personally.They now seem to consider Urell as collatoral damage and have no time at all to let anyone know what a fine,kind, compassionate and wonderful priest he is. I find it hard to believe that the information the two of them could provide wouldn't prove to be much more valuable to Manly and his pocketbook. Your barking up the wrong tree Manly. Leave Urell alone and go straigt to the guys that were really calling all the shots in every case!!


It does not surprise me that the newspapers are on a rant to discredit Msgr. Urell and the Catholic church....never mind trying to find out the real truth...it wouldn't sell as many papers. Manly knew what he was doing when he set out to destroy Msgr. Urell. His case must be very weak if he needs to take the tact he has taken. There is no talk of the consensual nature of the 'affair', yes, the coach was WRONG, he has admited this. Why does the fact that Msgr. Urell was 'the point man' as it has been said, at the diocese for the clergy have to do with a lay person in a coaching position at a high school other than the fact that it is a Catholic high school? Andrade was fired! Just as would happen at a public school! In a public school the school district isn't vilified for a coaches actions.
There has also been talk regarding Ms. 'Doe', why at 26 is her name being kept hidden? Speaking as a person who was abused by my own father, I went through therapy and learned to deal with the abuse in my past. It didn't 'ruin' my life. Give her some money and let her get on with some therapy and her life. The bottom line here people is MONEY, pure and simple!!

Christopher H.

The devil is in the details, Urell was an unfortunate middleman, the grey areas belong to him. Like OJ Simpson, you may be able to get away with murder the fisrt time around, but the truth will eventually demand itself to be told. The reason he is so distraught is due to what he knows, and what he did or didnt do with that information. Not just this case, the mishandeling of so many cases. Lets not pretend Urell is innocent. His own breakdown proves otherwise.

I am in no way comparing Urell to OJ, so dont jump all over me for that. Im comparing the fact that OJ may just end up getting what is coming to him by way of a totally unrelated occurance.. yet somehow the scales of justice seem to balance themselves out. You may have forgiven him, but it appears he hasnt forgiven himself and that is the first step towards redemption. Its karma, its reaping what you have planted be it years ago. He dished it out just fine, but in the end, he couldnt take it himself.

He will never be done with this until he comes clean and lays his cards on the table which he has never had to do...until now, and still he cant bring himself to do.


Msgr did not dish out anything.....talk to Brown, it was his doing. Msgr has nothing to come clean about....he has done nothing wrong. He has spent many hours in depositions disclosing what he knows about all of these cases. He has deep compassion for the victims and has been hugely disappointed by the clergy who have committed these abuses. All of this is what has taken its toll on him, not guilt. This and irresponsible people like the plaintiff's attorneys slandering his good name with lies!!!McFarland and Brown are the ones to be held accountable, the bottom line lies with them!!!

Christopher H.

If you recall, Urell attended the going away party for his buddy Michael Harris, after knowing everything he knew. He scared the young Lenihan victim away rather than investigating the case. He led the St. Edward's congregation to believe false facts about the fondeling of male students while "wrestling" by claiming the contact was above the waist when it wasnt. There are many more. Open up your blind eyes. You arent doing him any favors by covering up his actions. He himself is trying to come to terms with what part he played, so dont pretend he wasnt even in the game.

How can anyone possibly know exactly what is in Msgr. Urell's mind and heart? Why can't you believe that it is possible that he is so hurt by being left to 'fall on the sword' for the bishop's of this diocese and what he was compelled to do many years ago, that this is what has caused him the breakdown? He has followed his priestly vows to be obedient to his bishop ..... wouldn't you be upset if you were put in Msgr.'s position? What really disturbes me is the hate I feel coming from some of the postings, and the articles in the paper, I can tell you that being filled with hate is not good for ones mental well being.
I for one as many others do, pray daily for Msgr. John and his return to good health and our parish. He is a wonderful priest and deserves better than he is getting!!


Christopher H,
Your "facts" are flawed and distorted. Urell has nothing to cover up. He needs only to heal and come back to the thousands of friends, family and parishioners who love him and support him. I can only hope that someday you will have such a wonderful person and spiritual advisor in your life.....you need it.

Christopher H.

Can you please tell me then how my facts are flawed? And by the way, Urell HAS been in my life,for at least the past 15 years give or take a few. I do know what I am talking about. I know more than you think I do.

atlantic C

from another blog "It is very sad when people who have treated us with kindness and demonstrated acts of piety, are questioned by others. An article written a few years ago in a Catholic Newspaper reported that the faithful attending a funeral were quite surprised when Mosignor Urell was asked to lead the rosary,and he had to decline because he did not know the mysteries of the rosary. This always seemed incompatible with a priest being promoted to a Msgr., yet not knowing the mysteries of the rosary. Very odd. Yes he may say kind and pious things but this is very unusual to reach the level of Monsignor and be clueless on the mysteries of the rosary.

While this may seem to have nothing to do with the current events, it really does. Many of the victims have personally stated the brutality of treament from Msgr. Urell, when he dealt with them. Are they all just being uncharitable or lying? This is also incompatible with the reports of kindness to some people and young altar servers. The measure of piety and holiness is not how we treat the people who we like, it is when we deal with people who are threatening or difficult. It is a measure of our spiritual character how we treat, even our enemies. I have heard not only from victims how cold and cruel, Msgr. Urell acted, many other reputable reports said the same. He was cruel. He also knows everything that could collapse the house of cards at Marywood. This is why he is "gone"!

Atlantic C. He probably knew the mysteries but even if he didn't, so what. Most Catholics don't. In all the publicity over the years I have never heard a single report of cruelty by Msgr. Urell from an actual victim. I have seen attorney's imply it and I have seen reporters allege it but that's it. As to the comment that he and a few others went to a private gathering for Harris -- So what? Urell was a friend of HArris'. Do you abandon your friends when they are in trouble? A good priest doesn't, no matter what the sin is. That is why we have ministry to prisioners. His ministering to his friend does not condone Harris' behavior nor does it take anything away from the horror and disgust Urell and others had in Harris' actions.

Christopher H.

prison ministry and bon voyage parties are 2 different things. You obviously havent read the Lenihan depositions either, given under oath at the orange county sherrif's office.. they are there, go read them.

Your post leaves me shocked. I cant even bring myself to respond to your ignorance any more. There are much more informed conversations on some other blogs. So I will bid adue to this one.

He partied with Harris so what? omg.

Christopher H.

When Harris took an abrupt leave of absence as principal at Santa Margarita in January 1994, he issued a statement saying it was because of ’stress.’ He resigned a month later.

“His superiors didn’t tell parents or students the real reason for his absence: Harris had been accused of molesting a student while he was principal at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana from 1977 to 1979; church officials possessed a note from Harris that appeared to be a confession; and they were sending him to a treatment center.

“By this time, church leaders possessed a psychological report in which Catholic psychiatrists diagnosed Harris as having an attraction to adolescents and concluded that he likely had molested multiple boys. (Harris, who has denied the allegations, now stands accused of molesting 12 boys, according to church records.) But they didn’t step forward to set the record straight. Instead, a diocesan spokesman called Harris an ‘icon of the priesthood.’

“Harris’ top defense attorney, John Barnett, lashed out at the priest’s accusers in the media, calling them ’sick individuals.’ Again, church leaders remained silent as the alleged victims were savaged. Some of the diocese’s top priests — including the cleric in charge of investigating the accusations, John Urell — threw a going-away party for Harris.”


Christopher H., I thought you were bidding 'ADUE' (did you mean 'ADIEU', which is French for 'good-by')or not? But alas, I see you spreading your 'hate' speak again.
So you "know more than we think you do"...
right....I don't believe that for a moment!
You should think about why it gives you so much pleasure trying to tear down Msgr. Urell and the Catholic Church. What happened to you that you are so filled with anger and hatred? I will add you to my prayer list of those who need enlightenment and the ability to learn to deal with that which is tearing them up!!
I do think it would be a good idea for you to spend your time on other outlets!!
How about prayer and meditation and pleas for forgiveness for the evil you spread?

Marcia F

I believe the persons responsible for the things done in the diocese are the bishops. The buck stops there, They were in charge. Everyone else was doing what they were told to do, their jobs. Nothing is done in the diocese without the bishop's knowledge and permission. Why aren't the standing up? They are leaving Msgr Urell out there as the scapegoat or in McFarland's words " point man ". Send something to them saying how disappointed we are in them. Thank God for Patrick Hennessey,at the same time send a note of thanks to him and a little something to help with his defense

Henry Gattis

The simple truth is: The diocease shuttled Msgr. Urell off to a clinic somewhere to keep him out of reach.

There are dozens of places in the USA where he could have gone and the Catholic Church owns several of them.

Bishops Browns "Covenent with the faithful" as this and the accusations against him come to light.

It's curious that soon after "handling" the events surrounding Fr. Ceasar Salazar, the Pastor at St. Joseph was promoted.

There is a culture of lies and cover up's here and those defending Urell should be ashamed.

For the record. I have been intimately involved in My parish (St. Joseph) for 15 years and this thing stinks.


The Nuremburg trials would prove you wrong, and the teachings of the Church say the same. YOU are responsible for YOUR sin. YOU MUST NOT obey if the command is sinful. AND thou shalt not bear false witness.

Yes, Bishop Brown has literally thrown Msgr Urell into the track of an oncoming train. Yes, Bishop Brown is a disasterous bishop and a disgrace to the Church. And yes, if you can get his lawyers, you can get the mafia boss. Msgr Urell was "the lawyer" and B. Brown is the mafia boss, I think you'll agree.


The simple truth is: The diocease shuttled Msgr. Urell off to a clinic somewhere to keep him out of reach.

And you know this for fact how?

those defending Urell should be ashamed.

Well, Henry, thank you for stepping to the front of the crowd and casting the first stone.

Perhaps you can tell us just how Msgr. Urell is a "key witness" in the Andrade trial, or what he had to do with this case, since it doesn't involve clergy abuse?

Karen A Finn

To whom it may Concern:
I was very harsh on Msgr. John Urell when I first heard about all this crud. I lost my father less than (2) months ago and the first person I called to his bedside was Msgr. John Urell. He came out as soon as I called. (It amazes me how the Lord works) Msgr. John Urell helped my father and me go through a time that was so hard you could not even imagine. I asked Msgr. John Urell for his forgiveness. He gave it to me without a blink of an eye. I am not taking my father’s loss to well right now.
Msgr. John Urell was taken away from me when I need him the most right now. I want my Bishop to tell me how he can make Msgr. John Urell his escape goat? I will not stand for it. This is my church and school and I want my Msgr. Back now! I need Msgr. John Urell to help me get through this. He is the only one that was there that knows what I am going through, and poof he is gone just like that? I want him back Bishop. Now you have me on your tail. I have only just begun. Our School needs him back. We miss him badly.

God Bless,
Karen A Finn

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