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September 12, 2007


Jim Lacy

Here is something from Total Buzz that is relevant:

Expert: Dana Point broke law
September 12th, 2007 · Post a Comment · posted by mwisckol
Here’s the story I mentioned in the previous post, about the possible Brown Act violation by the Dana Point City Council in signing a resolution opposing the recall of Mayor Diane Harkey.

I previously posted a letter from the city attorney’s office saying there was no violation. If you read through the above linked story, you’ll see that Terry Francke — a long-time advocate of open meetings and public records — opines that it may indeed violate the law.

– Martin Wisckol

larry gilbert

Jim. Perhaps I should have asked Martin about his Dana Point comment when he joined us at lunch yesterday. Pay close attention to the wording where he says "it MAY indeed violate the law." We all need to save some wiggle room.

DP Resident

This is another example of Harkey doing her Nixon-Lite impersonation - All the paranoia, and none of the political skill or intellect.

Passing the "Resolution" around City Hall during a break in the council meeting? Just how thick are these people?

If the Recall Movement is really so hopeless, why did Harkey feel the need for this piece of paper? The reasons were either; A) The Recall is more of a threat than Harkey admits, or B) Harkey is and idiot.

If this is how she handles the little bumps in her campaign, how is Diane going to handle the political mountains and valleys in Sacramento?

Diane Harkey - proof that money CAN buy your way into politics, but it CAN'T guarantee you have brain once you get there.

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