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September 16, 2007


One Who Knows

Is this no longer an OC centered blog?

Is it now just "show and tell" about anything that popps into our little heads?

OK. I was in San Diego over the weekend and had a wonderful time. I caught a fish, ate at a resturant and read the local newspaper.

Does anyone really care?



Jubal has an established readership because he (mostly) stays on topic: the intersection of Politics and Orange County.

Look today's other posts : a school board recall effort, the UCI Law School brouhaha, a vote on pensions for county workers, and a news round-up of Orange County stories that heavily features your beloved OC Register.

While there is no shortage of opinions or partisanship in these posts, each stays in Orange County addresses some political issue of the day. Now, look again at your post. Only the bits that stay topic should have been posted here; the rest belongs somewhere more appropriate, like, say, your own blog.

One who knows -- I'd like to hear about that fish you caught, but only if there is a whopper of a story attached 8)

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