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September 05, 2007



Thanks for this. One more reason why I'm not wild about Harry.

Town Crier

Jubal - seems like you're "repeating yourself" with this post and a bit off-base with it since Sidhu has been a "staunch proponent" of commercial/residential compromises especially on your SunCal pal's deal.

Have to agree with Pringle's comment to your prior "similar" post that your "criticism of Harry Sidhu is misplaced."

So, repeating Pringle's post in its entirety since it's the best comment in response to this post also:

"Jubal -

Your criticism of Harry Sidhu is misplaced.

The developer who has an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the city on the north stadium site, Archstone-Smith, joined representatives from the city in meeting with Angels representatives, including Arte Moreno, regarding this potential project.

The city has been consistent in negotiating with potential buyers of this site, be it the NFL or Archstone, or any other developer, that they would have to live and operate within the Angels lease terms.

Archstone would like to include residential in their plan, but they know that they would need Angels approval for that to occur. They were discussing with the Angels their plan in hopes of gaining a start in this negotiating process.

But wherever they end with the Angels, they know that the city wants them to present a plan totally consistent with the lease excluding residential, unless an agreement is reached with the Angels.

Councilmember Sidhu's comments reflect that the city and Archstone will contine with our negotiating with a non-residential option and that is in sync with the lease.

Sidhu is very consistent that a deal is a deal.

Curt Pringle"

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