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September 14, 2007


Dr Lam will not run for the supervisor’s seat. She has a re-election for the GG School Board to win. And she will win it. She is a professional in the education field and not a very political person. She is on the school board because she loves children and is very passionate about education.

Janet will recoup the 10% lead in the Vietnamese vote that Trung took last time. The Vietnamese hold high regard for those in power and will not want to see Janet lose the race to a non-Vietnamese because Trung and van are out for revenge. But again the majority of Trung voters will stay with Trung but I think 20% will go over to Janet’s side to keep a Viet in that seat.

That said, this is a Presidential year race. Voter turnout will be much higher compared to the special election for Supervisor. And the Vietnamese vote will be diluted by much higher turnout. Thus Janet will lose the seat because Trung will sink her in the Viet Community enough to make her lose.

Combine that with the countless burned bridges Janet has in her wake. Many former supporters of Janet will turn on her and work for her opponents. Combine that with the blatantly racist mailings Janet did in her last race and her ship is sunk when a larger than usual Latino vote turns on her and votes for her opponent(s). Combine that with the ire of the white community for the antics of Trung Nguyen and the anti-communist rallies in Garden Grove and no votes from that community are going to any Vietnamese candidate.

In the end, Janet is living on borrowed time. Her tenure in the BOS is finished.

Can ANYONE honestly say she is the best choice for OC Republicans? ANYONE???

I have to agree with "Not a fan of Janet 9/14/07 1:40PM.

How the Lincoln Club can find its way to endorse a candidate after she opens a county office in Little Saigon with tax payers money to act as a competing welfare office with her rival Van Tran is beyond me.

This just does not seem like the type of thing that the Lincoln Club, a conservative organization would find appealing. Let alone worthy of their endorsement.

Are we to believe that the Lincoln Club has now signed on to the idea of distributing welfare to a population that is just a stones throw away from the county seat because they are too lazy to travel the 10 blocks to Santa Ana to get their welfare distributed to them?

And why is Janet, an avowed conservative taking this type of action? Since when is it the goal of a conservative republican to distribute welfare in a more efficient manner?

I guess the Lincoln Club will do anything to protect an incumbent with the R designation next to their name regardless of their actions which are contrary to conservative thought and ideology.

Or maybe Janet has offered some Lincoln Club members space at the trough of government largess and excess in exchange for their endorsement.

Either way, the Lincoln Club has sold out.

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