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September 14, 2007


Not impressed!

The members must be too old and tired to do the legwork and due diligence required to find a real candidate.

Been Around

Great news for Janet. The GOP will be united this time around and she has a very good chance to hold this seat, even against trial lawyer turned doc lobbyist Joe Dunn.

Not a Janet Fan

This website has very thoroughly documented the poor judgment and immaturity of Ms Janet. The endorsement by the Lincoln Club is simply lazy.

Can ANYONE honestly say she is the best choice for OC Republicans? ANYONE???

Given the complete domination by Republicans on the Board of Supervisors, how about taking a little risk? How about taking a couple months to actually find someone who will serve the Party and the community well.


Scott Graves

Holy cow! I predict at least 30 comments on this one...

Thank You LC

The LC did the right thing and the fact they did it unanimously speaks volumes. Janet is doing a great job, exceeding expectations. She is going to win reelection and be a strong GOP force in central county for a long time.


Scott Graves is right so let the bashing begin. Once again the Lincoln Club acted in haste without fully analyzing the political situation on the ground.

I guess they didn't learn their mistake from the last special election.

What about Carlito?

So will Bustamonte now endorse Janet as well? Does this give him the green light?

Monkey Business

The Dem's have Loretta Sanchez, I guess the Rep's have got to have their version.

Ugly Meter

Monkey Business, are you insulting Loretta Sanchez? Janet may be 20 years younger than Sanchez, but, n/m.


I suppose the LC Board, Scott Baugh, et al sat around and decided they just didn't have the time, enthusiasm, or energy to find an alternative. They endorse Janet now to get her off their plate so they can focus on bigger things.

After all, Baugh needs more time to run around playing presidential paddy cake with the Romney group and the Lincoln Club strategery team needs more time to figure out how to be relevant on the national stage with a $100k budget.

Meanwhile, the not-so-glamorous, but all-too-important local stuff takes a back seat.

Focus people.

Eldad Taylor

This is a very smart move by the Lincoln Club. Janet is the only one who can hold on to this seat for the GOP and the Club knows it. They were wise to get out early and help unite the Party. Look for more major endorsements to follow, as I bet this is part of an orchestrated move by Scott Baugh.

Scott Graves

Basher, while hearing that I am right about something is always music to my ears, I took your comment to suggest that it was me who wanted the "bashing to begin." Not so.

I want vigorous and open debate. Janet seems to spark a lot of it on this blog. The "bashing" as you put it appears to be natural part of the process, right along with the cheerleading being done by Eldad Taylor and Thank You LC.


This is a pretty good signal to Democrats that despite Janet's outreach to some Dems in the District, she'll be a traditional, conservative Republican and toe the line on partisan issues.

Not your Father's Republican

B.R. said:
"This is a pretty good signal to Democrats that despite Janet's outreach to some Dems in the District, she'll be a traditional, conservative Republican and toe the line on partisan issues."

I don't agree. All this means is that the Lincoln Clubers have no where else to go and they got burned so badly backing Bustamonte with multiple candidates that they want to avoid a GOP food fight. They also want to get out front of the New Majority making an endorsement.

Where's the beef?

LC's endorsement of Janet, an incumbent, is not surprising. She will be hit by all sides. The Dems will show up in force in the '08 Presidential Election. Janet already gave them plenty of ammo to shoot at her. Let's count some of the ways (so far): the secret donation accounts, the multiple lawsuits and FPPC complaints, the extravagant office expenditures, the unneeded (taxpayers') Little Saigon office, the split Viet votes, etc.

She'll have a tough race whoever the Dems throw at her. Janet needs to make peace with her opponents, and fast, or she'll sink with her own baggage come election time. Good luck, Janet, and good riddance.

Congratulations to Janet on this important endorsement. Now if the Van Tran crowd can exert some self restraint and get off her back maybe we can keep another good republican in office on the BOS. Otherwise, the Van Tran "machine" may hand this seat over to a Dem. Bad move for all.


Not your fathers Republican--

I'm sticking with what I said. You may be right about how the lincoln Club views this but so what? The reality is that for Democrats she will be just more of the same. She'll be endorsing Reps for partisan office and probably run for one of them herself. Dems have no incentive to support her.


"Dems have no incentive to support her."

Can't argue with that.

janet is a footnote in the making. She will not survive the next election. Beef forgot to mention the immigrant bashing Janet did last election.

Pretty soon you will see her "friend" Michelle Martinez feel the pressure from the left to stop playing with the Republicans. She will leave Janet in the cold.

Latinos are not going to forget the "I came to America The Right Way" line from janet.

Van Tran has had it with her and her antics. She keeps trying to kiss Van Trans ass to get back in his good graces but its not going to work. You have burned those bridges beyond repair janet. You need to gorw up little girl.

Blame it on Janet

Don't blame it on anyone for your own problem that you have caused, Janet. You are your own worse enemy and everyone knows it, but you. How odd? Your days are numbered when the Dems go after you. The Dems will also put in a Vietnamese candidate, not to mention other Viet candidates, in addition to Trung Nguyen, in this Supe race for good measure.

The LC and the New Majority can't help you with the luggage that you carry around. Instead of making peace, you are still waging war against your opponents. How stupid can you get, Janet? For starters, attend charm school.

Loveless meter

Why do you all hate Janet Nguyen so much?

Democrat Savior

Democrat Kim Oanh Lam Nguyen can take out Janet Nguyen.


Dr. KimOanh Nguyen-Lam is a formidable candidate and can easily take out Janet for the supervisor seat if our Party would back her.

I doubt the Van Tranites would support Dr. KimOanh Nguyen-Lam. Although she share her Vietnamese background with Van Tran; her politics are a far reach from his conservative viewpoints.

Why don't you Janet-haters find something better to do with your (obviously unlimited) idle time than bash her. She IS a Republican. Do something constructive rather than spread your hatred and acid comments just becuase you jealous that she won.

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