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September 21, 2007



My sources say Saulo Londono is going be Curt Hagman's Campaign Manager. This is going to be a fight between the Tranies

Allan Bartlett

Welcome back to OC Barrett.


And it was six phone banks and victory outreach centers...who generated over 2.5 million voter contacts.

cra republican

Curt Hagman will probably take AD60 seat. He has broad support base from different communities in the district. People have great respect for his loving family. Curt, win.

OC Native

Yeah, but OC is the majority of the district, and Dick's got OC locked down.

 cra republican

OC Native, I am also OC native and I can see Curts' support growing from OC to LA district area. In addition, he has SB County.


Everything I've heard on this race points to advantage for Curt. It's not won yet, but he has the shortest path to victory.

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