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September 14, 2007


New Frank Jao

very well written. viet weekly is a shame to the vietnamese community.

The sham is the threat of the communists.

They died in 1974. (long before Bush and Reagan) This is America.

Get a new enemy LOSERS.



Finally, an eye-opener article for readers outside of the Vietnamese community to understand.

P.S. It's quite interesting to see the nick "New Frank Jao", with an assumption that there must be an Old Frank Jao out there.

Expose Viet(cong) Weekly


Nice article exposing the Viet Weekly as a bunch of frauds. Nick Schou's slanted writing did a disservice to the readers.


Many younger generation of people do not have capacity to comprehend the danger of core communism ideology. The dictators often used communism ideology to persecute millions of innocent people without proper justifications around the globe. I feel sorry for the young publisher of his lack of intelligence of viewing the past historical lessons. The only way to build a bridge with communist regime is to introduce them a new leader in their lives... and His name is Jesus Christ. Jesus loves and give hope to every one.

Down with the Commies

You are so on point, Jaime. Amen!


Well Glory Hallelujah!

Let's silence another commie, destroy his livlihood and subject the neighbors to reduced income because of the interference.

All in the name of Jay-zuz!

yes to jaime

demmother, if you are so concerned with the publisher's potential income loss due to this protest, I challenge you to send your own money to support his family. Otherwise, your cheap talk has no value to anyone. If you support communism ideology, you are in the WRONG country. Still unsatisfied? then, move your family to your favorite paradise communist state and raise your loving children there. Peace.


"If you support [...whatever...] ideology, you are in the WRONG country. "

Now there is someone with a deep understanding of what makes America great: screw the founding principles, people should agree with me!

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