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September 13, 2007



Let's see them actually tell the airlines to cancel flights, or force them to fly with empty seats. They've never faced this before and won't have the guts to do it. Easier to exceed the cap and then say, "Oops. Sorry." There's no penalty for it (Len? Is there?) so why not? Might as well get Newport used to 12 MAP or more - that's what's coming after 2015.

Len Kranser

Sorry Jim but they have withdrawn seat allocations from airlines in the past when the caps were lower and I expect that they will do it again if the airport gets too close to its new caps. The airlines have to agree as a condition of being allowed to fly at JWA.

You are suggesting that they breach a court ruling. The county and NPB agreed to settle litigation in 1985 and all of these subsequent changes are court approved amendments to the original settlement agreement. I don't know what sanctions the judge would apply in case of a breach but I bet the county has no stomach to find out.

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