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September 28, 2007


Vietnamese American Elected Official

The letter was a group effort and since Ms. Nguyen is insisting on being an independent person instead of being part of a team, we did not include her in this project. We respect her decision to operate on her own.

In response to it "getting old", it was our intention to lobby the Senate for passage of a certain legislation, not stiffing anyone.

Nothing old

Two things about the post,

1) Promoting democracy and human rights for people living under an oppressive regime is not a partisan issue, nor should it be an ethnic issue. Don't read too much into simplistic analysis by simple anecdotes and then label it, "blood over politics" . Just look at these electeds' voting record. That should tell us their true political stripes. Quite objective too.

2) Janet Nguyen repeatedly declared her "independece" from other Viet electeds. She got her wish. No cries of spilt milk here by anyone. Either that is the scenario, or perhaps another scenario --other Viet electeds are avoiding Janet Nguyen like the plague and want nothing to do with her.

martin the lame

Martin is an idiot. He has no real job except writing foolish articles on ethnic politics, whether it's Vietnamese or Hispanics. Jubal can do a much better job if hired by the OCR to cover politics.


Janet and Dr Kim Oanh Nguyen, both of them don't get along or a team player to any one and they only care themself.

You can understand why Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Dr Kim Oanh Nguyen are being left off a bipartisan letter from Vietnamese electeds to Senator Barbara Boxer



The funny thing about all this is that Van and Trung pushed the panic button and sent this letter out after they found out that Janet went to the UN to protest the PM of Vietnam. All the VN media was there from all over the world. Why wasn't Van and his gang there. I also noticed that Lan Nguyen has started signing letters with Van again. Another thing that is funny since his stunt with his interview on BBC saying we should sit down with the commies.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

Janet does not need to write a letter to show her strong support for democracy and freedom.

She was in NY last weekend to join all the Vietnamese Americans to protest in front of the United Nation against the visit of the VN PM and his efforst trying to become a non-voting member of the United Security Council.

The letter is really just to counter what Janet did

Who cares about Janet

Action .....,

Vietnamese American electeds have sent letters, mobilized, visisted and lobbied everyone from the President to Congress for years now on a whole host of issues, not last week. Learn a little history of the community's activism before thumping Janet's chest for junketing to NY last week.

Your Janet just got into the game because she is running scared. She is still a novice who just got on the bandwagon. Activists in Little Saigon see through it all as a political move given her curious and prolonged silence over the Viet Weekly Scandal. Yes, people are watching.

If Janet helps contribute to the cause of freedom, then good for her. None of the Viet electeds needs to "counter" to what she does, or does not do. Sadly for Janet, it has always been the other way around.

Westminster Woman


Wow, Janet actually got out of Garbage, oh ... oops! Garden Grove and went to New York for some screaming and yelling with other Viets against the Commies. It must be refreshing to get away from the political cooker of Orange County for a couple days to vent your frustration and anger as your re-electioon prospects are constantly threatened by all sides.

Funny isn't, Janet Nguyen has been more politically active on the streets, protesting and what not in the last three months, than the combined history of her political involvement.

Janet sure got some Viet votes .... from New York and New Jersey. The panic button is found with no one else but in her own head, and her cronies' muddled minds!

Lam Pho

The way I see it is Supe Janet got left off the human rights letter is because the others don't want and don't like to deal with her. As fellow Viet electeds, these guys and gals know her and Dr. Kim Oanh too well.


The message from the Tran machine is crystal clear: Janet, go play with yourself because we don't want to play with you.

county abuser

what? supervisor Nguyen got paid by the County to protest in front of the UN for human rights in Vietnam? did the County pay for air fare, hotel and meals while she was there, too?

what kind of job is this? wow, I wonder if my employer pays me to protest in front of... Viet Weekly

Losing fight for Janet Nguyen

Janet Nguyen should worry about her re-election, which is anything but assusred for next year. Instead of getting into a pissing contest and provoking the Tran machine, she should worry about her own situation. She's a huge target and she does not seem to know it. Janet's advisors are doing her a disservice by not setting her priorities straight. Are Nick Le Cong, Tony Lam and Nhi Ho egging her on the wrong path?

The real Question is...

The real question is: Do you want the Van Tran machine running politics in central OC? A machine that includes the scorched earth policy of unrelenting attacks on one Nguyen just to promote the possibilities of the other Nguyen, that is in league with the Van Tran machine, of gaining that Supervisorial seat? Looking at the few repeat persons who comment on here against Janet Nguyen; NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES; I'd say I would rather have a person not associated with such a machine as this.

Has anyone investigated Truong and his activities? Perhaps it's time to look into his activities and start critical analysis of every move he makes or doesn't make (what the heck you can still claim he made moves he didn't make according to the rules of the scorched earth policy...)

Show me the conservative policy

I don't think it qualifies as an attack when you don't ask someone to sign onto a policy letter with you - especially someone who hasn't worked well with you in the past. Janet doesn't invite Trung to protest in New York with her.

And to the question, "Do you want the Van Tran machine running politics in central OC?" - I'd say 'yes' if the alternative is Janet's repeated law breaking and bending.

Tran recruits and mentors other candidates, has a PRIVATELY funded outreach office and has an ongoing GOP registration program in Central OC.

As a conservative, I appreciate his efforts on the budget, for traffic relief, against socialized healthcare and his support our military.

I have not seen Janet DO anything as Supervisor that is conservative.

Real answer to Real Question

Hey Real Question:

Stop complaing about the woes suffered by Janet Nguyen being brought on by others. She brought it on herself! Just look at all the missteps and ammateurish mistakes over the past few months. Who's to blame but thee?

Janet Nguyen has few friends coming to her defense because she manages to burn many of them and then pulled the rug from under them. On top of that, she looks at politics as a zero sum game: She wins and everyone else loses.

In her political career, what has she really done other than climbing on the shoulders of others who went on before her? Who has she helped other than herself? The answers are quite evident. No wonder a lot of people stayed away from Janet Nguyen.

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