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September 17, 2007




I don't have a dog in this fight and have tried to not comment on this bruhaha, but to try and disavow a recall when your brother in law is the person signing the petition is.....hmmmm.....cuh-ray-zee?

Jubal said it well.

ESL Teacher

Uh, there is a spelling error on this statement. Janet said, "expect in the cases of malfeasance in office...", you mean [except] right?

Re: ESL Teacher

We've all come to EXPECT nothing but bad judgement, bad decisions, and bad press releases from her team.

No knowledge, please?!

Here are the facts, you decide: Jimmy Gaughan is the husband of Diane Nguyen, Janet's older sister. Gaughan is seen as the "heavy" during the long recount episode. Diane works in Janet's Sup office as a "policy advisor".

Both Gaughan's mortgage office and Janet Nguyen's campaign office are located in the very same building or vicinity of the Viet Weekly, the same trashy tabloid that is publicly sympathetic to Janet and is currently behind the misfired recall stunt.

Janet Nguyen has clammed up since the Viet Weekly has been loudly denounced for its praise of Ho Chi Minh by thousands of Vietnamese-Americans for the past 8 weeks.

Scott Weimer, the landlord to all three mentioned above (Janet, Guaghan, and Viet Weekly), is a supporter and sympahtizer of the Viet Weekly and Janet. Weimer's real estate business is advetrtised in this sorry excuse of a newspaper every week.

You connect the dots.

Fooling yourself

Hey Janet Nguyen,

Don't think that the community does not know what's going on between you and the Viet Weekly. Your silence in one of the hottest controversy in Little Saigon is raising eyebrows. Tony Lam and Nick Le Cong are not giving you good advice!

“I have absolutely nothing to do with the recall effort against Trung Nguyen."

Youve got to be kidding janet? Who do you think those guys are going to go to for advise in orgainzing this recall effort? You are their local elected on Main Street.

So lets look at this thing by the numbers:

A. The recall effort is against your opponent for the BOS Seat.

B. Your brother in law is on the page as a signature to process the recall.

C. The recall proponents are the ones who helped and backed you in the last race for BOS and your first race for City Council.

Are we to believe you had nothing to do with this? Come on janet dont treat us like children.


Remove Janet from her stolen office.

Lam Pho

Speaking of Tony Lam and Nick Le Cong, the masters of the wheelers-dealers in the community, where is the discredited handler and staff writer for the Viet Weekly. You're paged to come out of hiding to help Janet. She's caught between Trung and Jimmy.


On Janet's Press Release....I call BS. She would have been better off to not say anything at all then to release this buncha crap. Her sister who is the policy advisor, and her must not communicate at all even though she works in Janet's office....which looks even worse. Call me Cah-ra-zee.

Follow Greenhut

You people need to get a life and take Greenhut's advice:

September 17th, 2007
From Steven Greenhut:

OCBlog reports that the influential Lincoln Club has endorsed Supervisor Janet Nguyen for re-election. This is a wise decision. The silence has been deafening as the Republican Party establishment has been reluctant to support Ms. Nguyen, as some prominent Republicans backed by Assemblyman Van Tran have waged a take-no-prisoners war against her. What was Nguyen’s crime? She had the audacity to actually beat their favored candidate, Trung Nguyen, albeit by a tiny, tiny majority. That’s life. Elections can be heartbreakingly close. In her voting patterns, however, Ms. Nguyen has been perfectly fine (even though I disagree with her on some issues). There’s no reason not to back the incumbent. The war against Janet seems designed to accomplish one thing: handing the seat over to Democrats in service to a personal vendetta. As is often the case these days, the Lincoln Club has stepped in on the side of the adults.

Lam Pho

So, now, we all should follow the lead of Steve Greenhut and the Lincoln Club as the know all -- see all. Pleaseeeee.

Janet Nguyen committed no crime. But she sure managed to alienate and turned off a lot of people, including all the folks who used, and we say used to, until she turned them off too, to support, sponsor and help her. Talk to Ken Maddox, her boss and benefactor for five years.

Maturity and being nice go along way in politics.

How long are we gonna run with this one?

Seriously now. Come on. Does anybody really believe that Janet really had any idea that her brother-in-law signed some random petition? Janet would never waste her time trying to recall Trung. At least not this openly. She didn't win the Supervisor seat by accident. If she was really behind a recall, trust me it would be much better orchestrated and way more covert than this. I know it was one heck of a close race and obviously the losing side still feels slighted. But let's not make such a big deal about a brother-in-law who did not think how his actions would affect his Orange County Supervisor sister-in-law before signing something. Not that anybody who hasn't already made up their mind either one way or the other actually reads this blog.


I have tried to say nothing on many occasions recently involving her. She keeps bringing the attention to herself by doing really stupid stuff.

And how long....Her brother in law is not just some random signer that signed in front of a grocery store...he is one of the actual recallers listed on the petition. You should really pay attention!

Lam Pho

The folks on this blog may have preconceived ideas on why and which side they may take, but that does not take away from the facts and new information that are dripping out every other day about Janet Nguyen and how she conduct herself. It makes one wonders.


What is there to wonders? We all know that Janet is petty and immature, she's been going around playing the "victim" and "innocent" card for the past 6 months to dupe groups like the Lincoln Club to support her.

I hope they see through her for what she really is - an opportunist who is on the edge of being eliminated from politics.


Let "Follows Greenhut" call on Steve Greenhut and the Lincoln Club explain this latest recall fiasco from Janet Nguyen's camp. Did somebody say "personal vendetta"? Right.....


Just shows how knowledgeable Greenhut and the Lincoln Club are about central orange county.

What is the Lincoln Club thinking?

Why is the local GOP funding Van Tran's registration campaign in Central OC and then propping up someone like Janet who is not a team player.

With Trung as Supervisor everybody would be working towards the same goal - taking out Sanchez and retaking central OC.

Seems like one hand is not talking to the other at the local GOP. I hope Scott Baugh realizes that a Congressional seat is more important than WHICH viet Republican will be Supervisor.

Plus, Janet adds a plank almost weekly to the argument that Dems throw at us all the time - "Republicans have a culture of corruption."

I'll tell you what makes me wonder.....What is the motivation behind the Van Tran/Trung Nguyen Camp/Machine in constantly berating Janet and all these posts that run her into the ground? I thought Irwin Chemerinsky was polarizing...I think the Van Tran/Trung camp/machine is the most polarizing thing the Republican Party has going! Can't you Republicans (and yes, I am one) get your you-know-what together and get Trung and Van Tran to realize they are handing that seat over to a Democrat with all this constant battering? Do they want the good of the party or what's good for Van Tran, someone he can control in a County seat?

So what if Janet's brother in law signed a recall petition, perhaps Trung is misusing his office and his position to unfairly attack Janet repeatedly; if I were her sister I'd file a recall petition on Trung! I think he needs his maturity level checked; he's the one acting like the "poor victim" for all these months " Poor Trung, he had his seat stolen from him"; the "evil Janet" this, the "evil Janet that" wears thin after a while guys, grow up and get on with your life. And Thank YOU Steve Greenhut for saying it well!!

Original Lam Pho

I have not posted on here in a long time. I got on today and noticed someone has been using my alias to post. First I was pretty upset, but after reading some of his/her posts, there aren't so bad. Oh well, the new Lam Pho, I'll turn my handle over to you. You do what you have to do.

Allan Bartlett

That is one of the most disingenuous, non credible statements ever put out. This was Janet's brother in law that circulated the recall petition. How could she not know? She's not believable on this. Then to top it off, they try to recall Trung from an office he doesn't even hold. I thought the Lacy crew in Dana Point was having problems with their recall petition, but this tops that episode by a mile.

"Do they want the good of the party or what's good for Van Tran, someone he can control in a County seat?"

To Anon 9:15 Am
Can you articulate how exactly Janet is good for the party? This kid, (and yes I said kid because acts like a child), has spent tax payer monies to fund a welfare office in Little Saigon, tried to hide campaign donations, hired her sister as a "policy Aide", (which to my knowledge her sister has no prior government service), tried to deny her participation in a recall of Trung Nguyen, had basically put on a white hood and sheet in her racist mailers during the campaign, spent more money than most two income families make in a year on remodeling her office, refused to take action on Chris Street in order to gain her attorney more billable hours to reduce her legal debts to him, and the list goes on and on.

How exactly is Janet good for the GOP?

I’m serious I would like to hear one person articulate what the heck this kid has done in her time at the County that has been good for the party, or the county or the district for that matter? I cannot think of a single act that she has done that has benefited anyone but herself.

I am putting out a challenge to everyone out in the blogosphere:

What has Janet done to further the progress of the 1st District, The County, and the GOP? The first person who can articulate no less than three things that Janet has done in her time in the 1st Supervisors office will receive a gift certificate from me for Benihanas.

Here are the parameters:
These acts must be exclusively to the benefit of ALL constituents of the first district. Not just Vietnamese.

These acts must not be self serving in that they are “Excessively” beneficial to her in future ability to tout them in campaign mailers. Meaning she does not get a cookie for doing what she is supposed to do.

At least one of these acts must articulate how she has demonstrated GOP principals, and ideology.

All three acts must be clearly delineated on how they benefit others and not excessively herself or her campaign.

Each act must not counter any of the other acts listed.

Each act must not run counter to previous acts in her tenure: For example, a vote on the Sheriffs deputies’ pensions’ runs counter to her funding the welfare office and decorating her own office in relation to fiscal conservatism.

The challenge is out there janet fans. I will send Jubal the gidt certificates when a winner is declared.


I applaud you, "Barlett!" A commendable analysis of Janet's self-serving rendition of her "purported" political duties and a cogent challenge to Janet's supporters. I am not expressing this comment because I favor the Van's team. I am expressing it because I believe in what is good for the people and communities of Orange County regardless of nationality, gender, political party, & etc. "The truth is the truth." We can't hide what it is. I agreed with Barlett - what has Janet done for the community that is non-political and purely out of love for her community??? Janet's comment is no less than those made by Tan Nguyen during the 2006 scandal that led to his demise in that year election. A true and honorable politician would stand up for his/her subordinates and take the punches for them. Only those who hide behind their subordinates are truly cowards and fabricators, and does not deserve to have the people behind them.

One Who Knows

Excuse me, but with all this brouhaha over Janet's Brother In Law signing a recall petition we seem to be glossing over the fact that Janet has hired her sister as a "Senior Policy Advisor" in her supervisorial office.

Does anyone else think this untoward?

How much are we taxpayers paying Janet's sister so that her husband can circulate recall petitions against Janet's political opponents?

OWK Good Point.
Does anyone know if Janet’s sister has any political experience in her background? I don’t seem to recall her sisters name on any of the press releases she put out on her office staff such as when she hired Matt Harper and Andrew Do to be her staffers. I remember when those two were hired press releases were put out touting their experience in the community or their political experience and backgrounds. But I do not recall ever seeing a press release on her sister and what her experience is in politics, policy, law, community service, or expertise in any arena or specialty.

Can anyone tell us what we are paying Janet’s sister to do and what are we getting for our money?

What is Janet trying to hide with this hiring?

One more point, I have been stumped in trying to think of one thiing that janet has done for the 1st District, the Community, or the county as a whole that was not overtly political or self serving or in service of others since she has been in office. Does anyone else have anything to offer up?

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