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September 18, 2007



Amen, great analysis on Matt's part.


I agree with you Jubal. Academic freedom is a two way street. And maybe SUmmers wouldn't have been MY first choice for dinner speaker nor Cherminiski Jubal's first choice for UCI dean but once invited and offered, breaking the deal is a non-starter for an institution committed to academic freedom.

It's ironic that Matt Rexroad posted this on Flashreport given that John Fleishman yesterday was still adament that academic freedom be watered down with a political litmus test that would keep out a Cherminisky from UCI and I assume someone like a John Eastman from Hastings.



Jon is entitled to his own opinion, as is Rexroad. If anything, it goes to show the range of opinions between FR bloggers, and their freedom to express those opinions.


Good point dA---and I didn't mean to suggest they shouldn't. Matt is a good guy from what I get from some of my friends in norte california.

I just thought it was ironic given how hopped up Jon was yesterday on Warren Olney's show. Never meant to imply that Flashreport commentators don't have the freedom to pop off just like those on Liberal OC and OC Blog.


Ok, right on :)

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