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September 28, 2007


Christopher H.

You sound like the lawyer for Al Capone.

"now remember guys, he's here for tax evasion. No fare bringing up all the smuggling, bootlegging and racketering that he hasnt been held accountable for yet. And will everyone stop being such big meanies because I love him and he is my friend. If he doesnt want to talk about being a leader of the mob he doesnt have to. Now look what you did, you made Al cry."


I agree with you, Jubal, it is a story of convenience--and I don't even go to church anymore because of my feelings about the hierarchy. This man appears to me to be one of the truly remorseful. Has Mahoney or Law shed a single tear?

I would respect journalists more if any of them would do some real investigative work instead of piling on a safe target: Catholics.

Dan Chmielewski

"And I have no doubt Monsignor Urell is repentant and remorseful about whatever mistakes and sins he committed in his handling of clergy abuse cases."

This is the rub Matt, we don't know what they are.

Sarah Brown

And that's the heart of it: what exactly is motivating the people who are so angry that Urell was not able to finish his deposition? That he was sent to Canada for treatment has become such a difficult thing to wrap a mind around? Wait...say it together: Manly can finish the deposition in Canada if he really needs/wants to; clearly, he does not.

Those who support Urell, and I am proud to be one of them, are purely motivated by seeing his full recovery and acceptance back into ministry, and aiding those two outcomes in any way possible.

Destroying a man you don't know because other people, in this case the press, "say so" is no excuse for this hateful behavior.

Karen A Finn

I need to 10-9 this again to OC Blog. Thank you Matt for talking about the Msgr.

To all it may Concern:
I was very harsh on Msgr. John Urell when I first heard about all this crud. I lost my father less than (2) months ago and the first person I called to his bedside was Msgr. John Urell. He came out as soon as I called. (It truly amazes me how the Lord works) Msgr. John Urell helped my father and me go through a time that was so hard you could not even imagine. I asked Msgr. John Urell for his forgiveness. He gave it to me without a blink of an eye. I am not taking my father’s loss to well right now.
Msgr. John Urell was taken away from me when I need him the most right now. I want my Bishop to tell me and St. Norberts how he can make Msgr. John Urell his escape goat? I will not stand for it. This is my church and school and I want my Msgr. Back now! I need Msgr. John Urell to help me get through this. He is the only one that was there that knows what I am going through, and poof he is gone just like that? I want him back Bishop. Now you(Bishop)have me on your tail, and I have only just begun. Our School needs him back. I need him back.
We miss him badly.

God Bless,
Karen A Finn
Police Officers Wife

Gustavo Arellano

I will post something on this at Navel Gazing come Monday. Have a great weekend!

Media bums

That'll give you time to ask Manly what to say!

Gustavo Arellano

Nah, I just want as many readers as possible to read what I have to say. The only losers who post stuff over the weekends and read it are folks like you and I.

Media bums

You couldn't even get the name of Urell's attorney right!

Christopher H.

Dear Karen,

Your intense need to get your Urell back is scaring the crap out of me.

Karen A Finn

Dear Christopher H,

If I scare you (allegedly, which I think is way to funny) then why speak out against someone who lost her father, and a Priest whom helped her through it?
I see you have no remorse or soul for that matter. If I scare you by the words that I say for the loss of my father, and that I am a mere 105 pound woman. Hun, you're problems go way beyond me!

Karen A Finn
Police Officers Wife

Christopher H.


I'm glad you thought i was way *to* funny. When life seems absurd what you need is some laughter.

Maybe we can be your cyber-urell while your real urell is recovering.

btw, I didnt say YOU scared me. I said your need for urell scared me.

This is a political propaganda board. You just might get your feeling hurt here. I am sorry that your urell is on the list of issues right now. This has nothing to do with how I feel about your father dying. And I am concerned not for your petite 102 lb frame but for your fragile psyche.

and, why do we need to know what your husband does for a living? Why is that a part of your signature? Do you have a therapist?

With all this dramatic nailing of papers on doors, and threatening to put people on prayer lists.. it feels like a junior high drama class full of geeks.

How old is everyone here for real? I will start, I am Chris. I am 17 this month. I am a Junior in High School. This news thread is my Current Events project. I have been thinking about going into the seminary after I graduate next year. Or journalism or law school. And this is my year to decide. And these are the issues for me to digest. Issues that combined my interests. I found this whole thing on the Myspace News.

I say forget about attacking the lawyers, they are just doing what they do. My 2 cents. I have to get to class.

Christopher H.
Son of a Preacher Man

Gustavo Arellano

As promised, my response.

Debby Bodkin

If Mon. Urell is being used as the escape goat by the Diocese of Orange to get through the Jane Doe v. Andrade case, then Bishop Brown, his expensive defense attorneys and General Counsel need to come clean.

Obviously, the clergy sex abuse crisis has affected many and Mon. Urell's anxiety may be originating from dirty rotten and abusive legal strategies by Diocesan attorneys and PRO BONO advisors butting their noses into serious child protection issues.

If Mon. Urell had the chance to tell the truth under oath, would Bishop Brown and the Diocesan General Counsel show him the door, fire him, take away his pension and benefits? Don't be surprised. This has happened to MANY good priests who have had enough with the lies and cover ups. Good priests that have supported the protections of children and supported justice for victims of abuse and their families have lost their ability to serve as priests because they are seen as traitors and punished.

It is not over until the fat lady sings.... let's hope someone comes clean before Mon. Urell's return is impossible because of bad health. Will Bishop Brown allow his attorneys to continue obstructing justice while children continue to be at risk? Someone in the Diocese of Orange knows why Mon. Urell is suffering from acute anxiety.

Will the COWARD please stand up and when you do, let's hope the OC District Attorney prosecutes.

Meg C.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Monsignor Urell. I have known him since he was a priest at St. Catherine's Church in Laguna Beach. My daughter is now a teacher at St. Norbert. I think it is a shame that he is being made a scapegoat for the terrible things that have been going on in the Catholic Church. Monsignor Urell is a wonderful, caring man. I hope that he can return to St. Norbert very soon.

Karen A Finn

Since you are only a little boy. My remarks to you should be, go to bed, and get your school clothes ready for the next day. You really need to read what you say. Then take a real good look at what and how you said it. You expressed anger and a real mean attitude. That is all I am going to say to you child. Case closed on you.

Karen A Finn

Christopher H.

Father Urell? is that you posting as Karen. You want me to go to bed at 6:29 am? Case closed on me? Yes it is Fr. Urell!!! Thank god they have internet in canada!

You know what lady? I work 2 jobs and go to school. I volunteer for the Young Republicans. I lost my best friend last March in the war, and I have already received my enlistment papers.

Your condesending comment sums up the whole issue for me.. Children are for belitting and not listening to. What was lost in this whole scandal? a few childrens souls. No big deal, now eat your cheerios.

We are your next generation. You should care what we think and how we feel. You should care that we are very angry and feel helpless to do anything while we watch the church we love in distress and taken over by really stupid PR campaigns.

Oh and ... Twinkle twinkle little star what you say is what you are.

I thought you were bidding 'adue' *remember (Adieu), but you are still here....don't you have school?, homework? I know this is your 'project' but it would serve you better to learn more about the good there is in the Catholic Church and the legion of wonderful priests we have!
Why do we need to know you are 'son of a preacher man'? To me, as one who was raised protestant and converted to the Catholic Church, and lived my life until marriage with very anti Catholic people, it sounds like you have also been raised in an 'anti Catholic' home. Is this why you carry on such a rant against the Catholic Church? I will pray for your enlightenment!

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