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September 04, 2007



So in your mind any open space that doesn't look like Yosemite should be paved?? Amazing!!


Did I say that?

No, I didn't.


My comment is to make it more uncomfortable to drive than to take mass transit. Take the money to be spent on more roads and build light rail for commuters. You have to start sometime and why not now?


Nobody has so far been able to explain to me why exactly we need a road going from Mission Viejo to San Onofre.

How many people could possibly have a commute along that route? Neither of those places are job centers, or even on the way to job centers.

This is a waste of time and money as well as damaging to the environment.


The toll road extension is for the developers not the commuters. It was pointed out that there are not jobs to commute to -- yes, but once the toll road goes thru there will be bedrooms communities a la those along the exiting toll road. Paving over paradise. Right? Of course it's right. Right wing agenda.

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