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September 05, 2007


Dan Chmielewski

"Mr. Nowrasteh is adamant that his film offers a fair and accurate account of the events that led to the attacks on 9/11. Cyrus explains, “This was a very balanced miniseries."

Complete scenes are works of fiction; FBI consultants quit due to numerous inaccuracies. Harvey Keitel complained about key scenes as not being based on fact. ABC had to drop "based on the 9/11 Commission Report" because so many scenes were simply made up. I could go on and on, but all you have to do is Google "Path to 9/11"+"inaccuracies" for loads of detail.

Hugh Hewitt was always a big fan of this movie.


Sounds like all of Michael Moore's movies. Funny, they're all in distribution.


Big Deal.

Let's take up the censorship used by the Bush administration with something as basic as soldiers bodies being telivised coming home.

This is a non-issue, except for people grabbing for straws.

Democratic talking pointer

Old news. Non-issue. Politics of personal destruction. Bush lied.

Did I miss any?


I'm certainly no fan of the Clinton's, but that's a horrible copy of a Mickey Mouse walk-around character. Where did they get that photoshop job from, a knock-off Disneyland in China or something?

Seriously, that's a hideous job of photoshopping the Clinton's in with a bad copy of a Mickey Mouse character.


That isn't Mickey Mouse. It's a knock-off character that stars in a Palestinian children's TV show.



It's a rare event when you can enjoy a hit on both Clinton and Disney in the same post. Relish the moment!

Dan Chmielewski

I seem to recall conservsatives absolutely losing it over the Reagan TV movie with James Brolin. There are no talking points here. This movie was positioned as based on fact when several key scenes are made up. Kind of like the entire WMD story we were sold.


Simply amazing.

The moonbats are allergic to truth.

Let us assume that the movie is bunk, which it is not. Why are Mickie Mouse Moore's lies and Al Gore's lies allowed to be made available.

Must be one of those double standards things.

The Big Dog at ABC had said that if Hillary wasn't in the race, the DVDs would vbe plentiful.

Simply amazing.

Not Scott Graves

Interesting post...If this were Moviejuice.

Mike from LA

I was informed a long time ago that Mickey Mouse is a member of the Communist Party.

Citizen Betty

Mike from LA, wrong Mickey. It's Mickey Mao.

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