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September 06, 2007


Mod Squad

She has a "special message" from McCarthy and she calls herself a conservative? Thats funny.

Good Luck Eric

I've known Eric for years and he is a real grassroots volunteer. Walking precincts and making phone calls like a champion, both in Riverside & Orange County. I'm sure he's helped in other counties too, I just speak for what I have seen first hand. Good luck this weekend Eric!

Eric Linder is a stand up guy. Although we are on the other side of the aisle I have found Eric to be a person of strong conviction in his principles and solid strength of character. I wish you all the best and Im sure you will come out on top Eric.
Paul Lucas

Joseph Turner

I am not familiar with Linder's opponent.

In my personal interaction with Eric Linder, I have always been left with a favorable impression and consider him to be a stand up guy as alluded to above in the previous comment.

Good luck, Eric.

What is a "Blue Badge" Member?
Also, I wish you luck Eric. You have put in a lot of work on this campaign for the position in the CRP and Im sure it will pay off.

Paul Lucas


"Blue Badge" are members of the CRP who can vote for regular positions like Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, etc...

"Red Badge" are associate members, who can only vote for their Associated Representative...

"Green Badge" are guests that can walk around and mingle with people, attend workshops, but cannot vote.

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