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September 19, 2007



Hey, wait a minute. I though those guys were just chillin' and decided to sign a resolution - just like a birthday card, etc.

Seems like the recall gang isn't the only one in DP that can't shoot straight.


I haven't changed my opinion on whether the resolution was a Brown Act violation, but it ain't up to me.

DP Resident

Once again, Harkey's ill-advised campaign shenanigans are costing the taxpayers of Dana Point. First, she tries to force one of the mobile home park owners to sign a document that would help CPH, then there is this idiotic "Resolution". Both were done to benefit Harkey, regardless of the cost to the taxpayers. The City Attorney would not have addressed this issue unless it was necessary. How much time and money has the City wasted on staff and attorneys to cleanup after Hurricane Diane?

Is this the kind of intelligent leadership the people of OC need?

Just Me

These "shenanigans" are not costing as much money as this silly recall. Especially when you consider the big ticket item of the special election which most likely will be held in July or August, contrary to the recall proponents claim to be held during the CA primary, which is mathamatically impossible. And when you consider Harkey has a strong chance of moving on to AD73. So who is really concerned about the City of Dana Point wasting money? Not the recall proponents. But then that is just me.

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