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September 20, 2007


What is this

What is this commission, and are they completely anti-development, who are these nuts and who is in charge, come on Jubal, lets get some details for us.

Len Kranser

The Airport Land Use Commission is a state-mandated body required in every county that has an airport. Its members are selected by the Board of Supervisors, the League of Cities and the airports.

The ALUC is required to prepare land use plans for the environs of each airport - in OC's case, JWA, Fullerton Airport and the Army base at Los Alamitos.

It reviews projects of more than 200 feet in height to make sure that airspace is not penetrated, and takes a closer look at any proposed development that might either impact flight paths or put the occupants of the development at danger.

Like any commission that has to balance competing interests, it sometimes creates controversy.

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