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September 04, 2007


Dan Chmielewski

I'm afraid any Democrat would have a tough time matching the Bush administration's record of expansion and spending. Geez Matt, which Republican president has actually shrunk the size of government in the past 50 years?

Chris Prevatt


If we were to have a national health care program it would make sense for people to get regular check-ups. I am certain that Senator Edwards is not suggesting throwing people in jail if they don't go to the doctor. Preventive care saves lives and money. Why a fiscal conservative like you would not support saving lives and money is curious.

Why don't you come up with some ideas on how to address the problem of health care access in our country rather than slam those who have ideas.

But then again, you did promote the family values preaching OCGOP and their Flag Day Dinner featuring the infamous adulterer Rudy Giuliani. Yes the party of adulterers (Craig, Vitter, Giuliani, Gingrich, etc.) trying to take the high ground. News Flash - It's not working.


I've noticed that is every Democrats answer to criticism that their programs grow the size and scope of government. It puts Reps on the defensive because we're are abashed by the profligacy of the GOP Congress under Bush, and simultaneously allows Dems to avoid explaining why they want to expand the size, scope and reach of government.


If we were to have a national health care program it would make sense for people to get regular check-ups.

Of course regular check-ups make sense, Chris.

But I didn't argue otherwise. The point is Edwards wants to make it compulsory. Silly me, I think that in a free country the government shouldn't compel me by force of law to go to the doctor.

Why a fiscal conservative like you would not support saving lives and money is curious.

That's demagoguery, Chris. How about this: why don't we ban cars. That would save 50,000 lives per year. You're not against saving 50,000 lives a year, are you Chris?


Yes the party of adulterers...

As in Clinton, Hart, Ted Kennedy, Joe Kennedy II, Gerry Studds (that is, if teenage boys count), Antonio Villaraigosa, Wilbur Mills, Chuck Robb, Gary Condit, Wayne Hays...

Do you really want to go down that road, Chris?


Jubal-- If you're going to nominate Edwards on the Unctuous Ticket then by acclamation his running mate ought to be Romney.

What's good for the goose you know.


Jubal---you're right, its a well traveled and bi-partisan road. But you Reds do have the copyright on the Party of Tap Dancing.

Chris Prevatt


I never said that Democratic politicians did not have their share of adulterous scandals.

However, democrats do not seek office falsly touting their "moral virtues" and "family values."

larry gilbert

I'm so glad that the debate on this post is about morals and ethics rather than which candidate has the best blueprint for public policy be it foreign or domestic.


Let's send this back to the G rated discussion. Jubal, I'm not behind forcing people to get an annual checkup but the better analogy would be requirements for motorcycle helmets and seat belts. Opponents of those safety features raised hell like you did but the laws are generally complied with and have had beneficial effects. This doesn't mean we start building gulags for reluctant patients but it might mean you holster that 44 magnum and think of another way to accomplish the same goal of improving health through regular checkups without infringing liberty. One idea would be to ensure that those who have some kind of regular checkup or screening would be entitled to a discount on their co-pays or deductibles if we retain the current insurance system. Since I think the science would justify the discount why not do it?


All of this demonstrates that Republicans and Democrats are simply two sides of the same coin. They both want to micro-manage the lives of Americans; they only differ in the specifics.

(Who's the only candidate running on a platform of liberty? Google "Ron Paul".)


I have a solution for the national health care. Creat a new Vets Admin, but for civilians. It will be fun to have folks wait up to 6 months for a dental exam. Just think of the fun you'll have getting a chest x-ray. I'm 100% DAV, and the VA is my only health care. While the majority of the Dr. Nurses. and Workers, are simply wonderful people, and do thier best with what they got, the system is broken and thanks to the buerocrats, its getting worse. There is your health care system. If any of you troop supporters want just a idea of what your socialised meds. will be like, why don't you go to Long Beach VA and vol. for a few hours in one day. I think a few just may change their minds.


How ignorant can you be? You seriously want to claim a democratic candidate will be the face of bigger government and MORE spending after the fiscal dibacle know as the Bush Administration? And No sir, Sen. Edwards health care bill does not include jail time for those that do not have regular doctor appointments - give me a break. Typical right wing catch phrases and propoganda.
The republican party is a joke...and even worse, endangers the future of this country.


REPUBLICAN Adulterers:

Guiliani, Vitters, Larry "tap dancing" Craig, Newt Gingrich, McCain, ......would you like to discuss Mr. Foley and his teenage pages as well?

So please spare me with the republican moral high ground routine...you lost that a while ago idiot.

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