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September 21, 2007



With Spitzer and Bill Campbell on aboard, can the government employee unions be far behind?

With Todd Spitzer and Bill Campbell (Both responsible for trading our tax dollars in return for political favors from the unions) endorsing Blias, it makes it all clearer that he is NOT the Republican in this race we want to get elected.

union supporter

didn't jeff miller take about $10k from unions in his city council race?

knuckle draggers

Political Favors? There are about three people in this county ignorant enough to believe that..... for you three allow me to explain. You refer to 2.7 at 55, this is 100% funded (no liability), this comes from mandatory employee contributions (10%-12%) of gross pay.

Current debate is over the 3.o @ 50 given to law enforcement with zero contribution and close to a 300 million dollar unfunded liability.

In addition debate is also centered on retire medical benefits and the associated unfunded liability. This amount was reduced by hundreds of millions of dollars last year by the same BOS you so graciously attacked.

Why not add to the debate rather than try to eat your own. Man I swear........some people

Milk Man

For a while there, I thought Jeff Miller was just going to take this seat as if it was an item in his bag.

Now Blais is making this race competitive again. Miller might be ahead in money at the moment, but he is behind Blais in high profile endorsements.

The advantage is still on Miller though.

Inland Republican

Neil Blais has strong backing from good real Republicans. Neil is our best candidate for AD71 because he loves to serve multitude with cheerful heart. Neil is down to earth, great christian family man who loves Jesus more than anything else. Please tell your friends to help Neil in coming june primary.

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