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September 14, 2007


Good for Duvall. He's my Assemblyman and I'm happy to see him endorse Miller.


One can see right through this one. This was clearly an insurance industry driven endorsement.

Been Around

Now Miller has Royce and Duvall, two of the most energetic, hard-working and politically involved Republicans. That's a whole lot better than the termed-out Ackerman and Spitzer.

Karl Rove

I would venture to say that at the end of the day, the Spitzer, Ackerman and Schroeder endorsements are just the tip of the iceberg for Blais. Miller has gotten all he is going to get out of the OC.

Been Around

I would guess that the hard-charging Miller has just gotten started.


Oh that carries weight.

A first term assemblyman, an insurance industry pawn (he was an agent!)

The OC GOP is a joke, get a meaningful canidate and someone other than the retirees might support him/her.

"Miller has gotten all he is going to get out of the OC."

Your wrong. He is getting OC money. Neil doesn't have enough property to borrow against to keep up with Miller's fundraising. These races are a money game and Jeff has proven he doesn't need OC endorsments fundraise in OC.

"insurance industry pawn"?

That's just BS. If you bothered to look at Duvall's bill package and voting record you'd see that.

The pr says Duvall and Miller have known each other for years. Sounds like a pretty good explanation for an endorsement to me.

GOP Watch

Duvall endorsement is a weak one. Why would Miller want the endorsement of the worst Eminent Domain offender in the Orange County?

All anyone has to do is a quick search and find out that Duvall is the Republican or Democrat to use Eminent Domain to seize private property to transfer it to another private owner. This is the worst kind of Republican.

If Miller cares about Property Rights he should shun Duvall for his horrible behavior while on Yorba Linda city council.

Again, BS.


If you had watched Yorba Linda City Council meetings, you would have seen Duvall recusing himself from redevelopment agency discussions and votes because of conflict of interest (he owns/ed property within a certain distance of the agency).

Your point also shows an ignorance of Duvall's bill package. AB 1322 (Duvall) strictly speaks to Mike's position on eminent domain.

Nice try.

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