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September 14, 2007


Go Neil

Pretty impressive. I think Miller just had his head handed to him.

Game, set, match for Mr. Blais.

Game, set, match for Mr. Blais.

Jose M

With these three endorsements, an obese lady rises and gets ready to sing.


I wonder what the motivation is behind Spitzer endorsing such a weak candidate. Could it be that he's only interested in who is more likely to help in his election for OC DA? He wouldn't endorse a Riverside County candidate for that now would he?

Ackerman's on par to screw up another election here like he did for Van Tran's woulda-been successful senate race. When will he learn?

Remember, this is the same Ackerman who joined forces with Abel Maldonado to vote against the entire senate republican caucus for the budget.


i would say holy trinity is hitting the nail on the head.

as for ragnar, 1) these endorsements clearly aren't for someone who is a "weak" candidate, 2) ackerman didn't vote against the entire senate republican caucus ... there were 7 others that agreed with him


He is a weak candidate. Does anyone know how he stands on any issues? He hasn't done anything for the Republican party.

Miller is the only serious candidate (that I know of) that has taken a stand on illegal immigration. Yes - the problem that is PLAGUING this country.

I'm pretty sure Spitzer knows he made a mistake by now, in fact, I'll bet he doesn't even show up at the Corona Chamber of commerce meeting he's scheduled to speak at.

He could have proven himself to be a leader, instead, he's proven he's a coward.

cra Republican

Ragnar posting is at best, great disappointment for our Republican blog. Neil has been a person with geniune heart to serve others in his community and at his church. In my mind there is no one more qualified than Neil in representing our conservative republican platform at sacramento. I think he is the BEST candidate for AD71.


CRA Repub: I've argued with MANY people regarding the AD 71 race, and never has anyone argued that Blais is a conservative, so your argument is weak at best, however, I do feel that someone on Miller's team is pulling my leg with this comment.

Miller has been an active, grassroots conservative. He's stuck his butt on the line for a plethora of republicans when he didn't have to. I ask, what has Blais, the do-nothin-muffin, done for the Republican party.

I'd recommend you look closer at the two candidates. You'll find out that Miller has supported MANY local Republican candidates.

It's Miller Time, Baby!

My Heart Weeps

"Neil has been a person with geniune heart"

CRA Republican sounds like a bleeding heart lib.

Karl Rove

I can only laugh at the response to this announcement by the Miller camp. They all know full well that these were very key endorsements, the most imporatant ones in this race, and they didn't get them. Now they whine and snivel. Too funny.

Been Around

The only important one is Spitzer. Ackerman has not won a contesed race since he beat Norby years ago and Schroeder is preoccupied with two thngs: helping Mitt Romney and destroying Janet Nguyen.

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