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September 11, 2007


OC Native

Great county loyalty, guys!


I wonder what the membership will think of this. It would be funny to see the membership to go a different way.

Ultimately, I'm sad to see Sean go down this road. Past YR chairmen have refrained from publicly endorsing a candidate until an official endorsement was made by the group.

OC Native Is My Hero

I am not impressed with the way that Sean handled this. He really should have waited until the group made the endorsement first.

OC Native I definitely agree that there should be some county loyalty. Neil Blais is a very strong candidate as are both Dr. Choi and J.P. Ledesma.

wise choice

Shawn made a wise choice. Miller is mopping up the field and Blais is a weak opponent. As Shawn said, what a candidate believes in and is capable of doing is more important than where he lives. Miller is the best choice.

Not sure if it is Sean or Shawn nor do I know if it matters. Miller is the guy hands down. The campaign [press release was weakly written.

OC Native

"...what a candidate believes in and is capable of doing is more important than where he lives."

A representative from Orange County can better understand the needs of Orange County than a representative from Riverside County. A Riverside County politician understands the problems of the 55 freeway no better than an Orange County politician understands the problems of 71 freeway.

Can anyone really tell the difference between the beliefs and the issue stances of any of the candidates? They're all solid conservatives. When there's no ideological difference, geography wins.

Districts exist because representatives should represent their area. If where a politician lives is irrelevant, then no one would complain about carpetbagging.

Shawn Fago

You are incorrect. Past OCYR Presidents have made plenty of personal endorsements before and/or without the organization doing so. Just because you are the President of the OCYRs does not mean that you forfeit your right to have a personal preference; our bylaws do not prohibit board members from making an endorsement. In fact, there are more than a few OCYR board members who are publicly supporting other 71st AD candidates.

There are many reasons why I decided to endorse Jeff Miller. Though I think “county loyalty” is a foolish argument for supporting a candidate, I’ll address it anyway. Jeff has shown himself to have strong ties to Orange County, fighting for transportation funds for the County and founding his business here. Aside from that, you should know that my loyalties do not all reside in one place. I also serve as the Vice Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of California (YRFC), an organization for which Jeff Miller has been a board member. Jeff founded the Riverside County Young Republicans, which is now one of the largest YRFC chapters in the state. In addition, Jeff has been an incredibly effective Council Member for the significant city of Corona and has been a fantastic County Party Chairman. Jeff Miller is a tried and true conservative who I, a former resident of Riverside County, am proud to support.

I respect most of the other candidates for the 71st AD as well but I personally believe that Jeff Miller is the best candidate running.

-Shawn Fago

"When there's no ideological difference, geography wins." What about a proven track record? I'm pretty sure that beats out geography, too.

I've lived in Orange County my whole life and have zero problem with Shawn's endorsement of Jeff Miller. There is nothing in the OCYR bylaws stating that the President cannot personally endorse a candidate. Therefore, if he thinks Jeff Miller is the best choice, let him give Miller his endorsement and get over it.

OC Native Is My Hero

I never said it was against any bylaws I just think it is in poor taste to endorses before the group endorses as a whole. I would prefer somebody from OC get the endorsement but will not throw a fit if Jeff Miller gets the endorsement because he is a very good candidate as well.

My on ly question would be that can Shawn vote with the group when it comes time to endorse a candidate or would that be a conflict of interest considering he has already endorsed him.


Good Going Shawn

I've been involved in OC politics for quite some time. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice Jeff is simply the best candidate in this race, and the only one with any history of having lifted a finger for the conservative movement.

Good for Shawn for looking past small-minded regional biases to support the guy who'll actually do the best job as the next Assemblyman.

Shawn Fago has committed a blunder that shows his inexperience and lack of understanding of how an organizational leader should act. He has essentially spit in the face of a large number of OCYRs that are not on the same page as him. This could back fire on him in proportions that he shouldn't want to contemplate.

Who cares...

A personel endorsment is different from an endorsment that has your title and organization. If the organizations name is on the endorsment or a key part of the reason it is in a press release, it should be a decision of the club.

Who cares....

And that is exactly the point. He used his title and organization on this personal endorsement, which as you say, should have been a decision of the organization. The intent is to lead one to believe that this endorsement is from the organization, when it is not. He has made a very basic ethical mistake in his approach to this endorsement.

I doubt Shawn used his title as OCYR President on this personal endorsement. We're talking about a press release that Jeff Miller's campaign released, and so I believe the error in judgment of using Shawn's title falls on the Miller campaign and not Shawn himself. I do understand, however, why Miller would want to point out Shawn's position, as the press release states "Miller’s support from key Orange County Republicans is growing daily." That's the point the campaign is trying to make.

Who cares...

Shawn made an end run on his own club...funny.

I agree with Shawn

I think Shawn has the right to endorse who he thinks the better candidate is.

It's not like Scott Baugh's endorsement of Romney is an end run on the Central Committee - even if he uses his Chairman title for the endorsement.

Considering the Governor's sell out to the left, I want the guy with the best GOP grassroots experience. Seems like GOP Chairman and YR club founder Jeff Miller would be that guy.

I assume everyone knows that the only reason Shawn did this is because he failed in getting an endorsement for Miller from the state YRs at the CRP convention last weekend because his own group objected. No, Shawn has been hoodwinked by Mr. Miller and the Gilliard machine and unfortunately for him, may pay a price for this error in judgement.

Shawn Fago


You have no clue as to what you are talking about. I personally endorsed Jeff weeks ago but asked him not to use my name until after the CRP Convention. Jeff being the gentleman that he is did not release my name as I requested.

“My Own Group” as you call it, has objected to nothing. I asked that the YRFC table Jeff’s endorsement until OCYR could consider the endorsement first. This move clearly was not the most popular move amongst other Miller supporters but I thought it was the right thing to do. No other OCYR member objected to the YRFC endorsing Jeff Miller, only I did. The easiest thing for me to do would have been to sit quietly through the YRFC meeting and allow Jeff’s endorsement to go through but I was the one who intervened, no one else. To say I was hoodwinked is laughable. Hell, I was being accused of hoodwinking Miller after the YRFC meeting, now you think I have been “hoodwinked”. What a joke.

Please stop accusing people of things when you do not know the facts. And for heavens sake, use your name if you want to be taken seriously.

-Shawn Fago

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