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September 06, 2007


Allan Bartlett

Wow. I had no idea something like this was pending. Did you blog about this Matt back when you testified? Thank you for helping out on this case.


Music to our hears:

We have received our share of cease-and-desist letters in attempts to intimidate/silence us….We even got a call from a mainstream media reporter threatening us with her newspaper’s lawyers if we did not retract our story – in this case we used the word “lost” – the reporter told us that she had not “lost” the material in question – she had simply “misplaced” it!



I did post about it. I linked back to that post in this post.

Allan Bartlett

Very good. I'm glad the 1st Amendment prevailed. Is the defendent going to try and appeal? Lastly, I'm not a lawyer, but could this case be used as a precedent in the future if other similiar cases are brought?

Art Pedroza

My pajaritos are very pleased about this.


Art I do not believe this ruling covers your multiple personalities!

Blog Boy Watch

Chris Lotts is a criminal.
He is guilty of libel, slander, perjury, misuse of governmental resources, and has attacked innocent business owners with his brand of racism and rhetoric.

He clearly has a problem with authority.

He is continuing to hide behind his dirt throwing blog instead of standing up for transparency.

Lotts is no hero.

He is the antithesis of the principles behind blogs.

The most important of these theses is transparency.

He lacks it.


He knows he's been slandering and libeling people for years.

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