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September 18, 2007


Alex Brant-Zawadzki


One could be tempted to call you a smarmy little liar, Jubal. Strongly tempted.

Show me where you can justify/prove the statement that the 241 expansion is, "a local project that is supported by most area residents"

MOST AREA RESIDENTS. That's over 50%. Last time I was in San Clemente for a hearing, the VAST majority of people in the room were there to OPPOSE the road.

And if you refuse to acknowledge your lie, you have to admit that it conveniently BENDs the truth to make your side look prettier.

Don't worry about a long-winded, "well-thought-out" response, I'm too busy to read it.

Dear Alexi Z-Whackywhatever,

I know you are 100% correct about almost any hearing on this subject being filled with anti-241ers. Unfortunately you fail to realize or acknowlegde that is a piss poor sample of public opinion. This is basic, basic public affairs. Do your homework and call Lisa Telles at TCA tomorrow about poll results on public approvals for the 241 in South County and/or San Clemente. I assure you Jubal is correct. I also assure you Jubal is not little and not a liar. He is a smarmy turthslayer at worst!


Alex -- I'll make it short and sweet - just because you can pack a room by bringing in your friends and relatives doesn't mean they are local residents. Every poll and every election shows clearly that the majority of people in san clemente want the road.



I believe Meg and the anon commenter answered you ably, so I'll be pithy so as not to tax your open lefty mind.

Your response reminds me of the late NYT film critic Pauline Kael's comment how she surprised by Nixon's landslide 1972 re-election because no one she knew voted for him.


Of course, we know that any poll is 100 percent trustworthy and accurate, especially when paid for by the firm seeking the positive results.

Remember the airport-voting debacles, folks?

We don't even need to go that far astray. Remember the polls and predictions about how popular the 73 would be? Is it still losing money?

Let's put the 241 to the ultimate poll: A public vote. Does anyone doubt that it loses?

you mired in unreality

Let's put the 241 to the ultimate poll: A public vote. Does anyone doubt that it loses?

I do. It would win hands down.

And a poll is a vastly more accurate measure of public opinion of than which side is better at packing people into a public hearing. The environmental/no growth crowd excels at turning out their usual suspects.

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