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August 14, 2007



We will not allow "OUT OF TOWN EVIL FINANCIAL GROUP" to build casino in Garden Grove to destroy our families. I think we will discover "TRUE GOOD LEADERS" for our community during this ordeal.... And may God Bless them.

RE-CALL Dalton,Rosen,Jones

If our mayor and two other council members spport Garden Grove casino project, we will launch a swift political action against the WRONG LEADERS. Garden Grove Citizens Against Gambling.

Milk Man

I heard that Mark Rosen is currently the only one on the Garden Grove Council to support building a casino.

However, it is kind of late to recall Rosen since he's termed-out next year anyway which explains a lot about his bitterness lately.

City To Consider Taking Over Rose Center --

Good luck on not getting a casino in GG. I hope you don't. Too much corruption comes with them.

But watch out for Westminster. They are planning a new "center" of town with hotels, "ETC"...


If we are now at the point where we have to fund government by encouraging gambling, drinking, and smoking, we are in serious trouble.

And kudos to people like Dick Ackerman who know that cutting spending, not gambling, is the answer to deficits.

What is your true identity?


Why of course I am a missile created by the U.S. government.

Actually i'm just someone who pays attention to local politics. Like Jubal, I want to be an "investigative" blogger.

I was aksing out of curiosity. Most nom de plums are known on this blog and was just curious about which you were. I was at the informational breakfast this morning at the Embassy Suites hotel. All I can say is that alot of grand predictions and promises were made and I came away somewhat skeptical that they can be met.


Yes, Johnathan Stein and his cohort sure did make a lot of grand promises and predictions. Something about scholarships for every graduating high school students in the City of Garden Grove...

Lam Pho

Will be an interesting meeting tonight. I for one do not trust Lan Nguyen, Trung Nguyen or Tri Ta to speak for anyone. They have as much charisma as a peanut. Be curious to see what Truong Diep, mr councilman wannabe, looks and sounds like. Hope to hear him say something.

Mark who?

Who is this Mark Rosen character making idiotic statements in the OC Register? He sounds like an overriped lemon -- full of bitterness and tart.

Don't try to pit the Vietnamese American community against itself. It is his wish that the community is fractured and divided.

His own city council of 5 can't even read from the same page on this casino project. He should get his own house in order before lecturing to anyone else. What a loser!

Re: Pho Pho

Dear Pho Pho, aka Lam Pho,

Mr. Truong Diep and the others will do just fine.

At least these guys have the guts and the perseverence to run for public office, won them after a tough fight, serve their communities, and of course, putting up with judgemental statements like yours everyday.

BTW, I "ain't" of them.

Lam Pho

Guts has nothing to do with it. Come on now, it's greed and hunger for money and power. Not that I think there's anything wrong with that, but lets call it like it is. It has nothing to do with serving the community, it's about getting elected. And as far as putting up with judgemental statements like mine... are you kidding me? Politicians put themselves in the lime light, selling themselves to get votes. They in fact want people to judge them; but funny how positive judgements are ok but a negative statements are ohh so unfair.

Lastly, who is Pho Pho?

Lam Pho

Back to the issue at hand, it would be a mistake for those pseudo leaders to argue against Stein's claim of the financial benefits that Garden Grove would get:

1) Financial benefit shouldn't have anything to do with it. I thought the main reason was a moral issue. That gambling is not good for our community and could destroy families. Arguing Stein's claim of finance somehow implies that if he can prove his claim of monetary benefit, it would be ok.

2) Politicians wouldn't have a chance arguing against a pro like Stein in casino financing.

3) If this is about financing, of whether or not Garden Grove will get the kind of money that Stein promises; then I say you Westminster geeks should stay out of it. How dare you come into Garden Grove and try to tell us what we should or should not develop.

Stick to the moral issue, not finance. But watch, they'll say something about finance, you can bet on it.... I'm bracing for another embarrassing night. We need heavy hitters like Van Tran or Oanh Nguyen, not amateurs.

Lam Pho should run

Lam Pho,

School Board and Sanitation District members make Mucho Dinero, right? Pleaseee. As for your power theory on these boards, you get more power from an Everready battery. Which planet are you referring to now? Give all of us a break from your sanctimonious cynicism with the democratic process.

It's easy to sit on the sideline and criticize. Perhaps you should drum up the courage and toss your hat in the ring. The water's warm, but full of sharks.

Any rational person would agree that constructive criticism is acceptable, but baseless and self serving opinions against others diminish the quality of the discussion, including the one making them.

Lam Pho

Please please please, who do you think you're talking to? Obviously I wasn't referring to the salary they make in their political positions. But they exploit their positions to connect with other money making opportunities out there. You think Andy Quach or Janet Nguyen had the knowledge or experience to work with developers? Noooo, but councilman Quach or Nguyen surely can get in the door. The scam goes on and on.

I know the Viet's mind well, so lets not pretend. Construction criticism?? You don't think I know each and every one of those guys well? A lot more that you realize. The next time you guys get in a group and criticize that jerk Lam Pho on the blogs, be careful because he might be sitting amongst you.

Lastly, Trung Nguyen did a terrible job tonight as expected. Let see, he doesn't like the casino because the developer has "no name, no money". Oh so I guess if it were Donald Trump wanting to build here, it would be ok. Or maybe Steve Wynn would be a better choice. I thought it was a moral and social issue, not finance.

Show us the money Lam Pho

Lam Pho,

More of the same baseless ranting from you. If you have hard evidence of their scams and exploits, present it. Where's the illegality? Please do all of us bloggers a favor. Otherwise, you're starting to sound like the manure guy.

Also, let's not go racial here. It's real good that you know the "Viet's mind".... whatever. That's why all these guys and gals are loaded with money and living large because of their scams, right?

Before you pick on people working in your own community, let's have a little equal time too. Just to be fair. We'd love to get your take on Reps. Duke Cunningham, Jefferson from Louisiana, Bob Ney from Ohio and many others, or even our own OC man, Bob Citron. Remember him?

It's so easy to go negative, isn't? It's also irresponsible.


I thank Tri Ta for being a sincere leader in Vietnamese community. I believe he is going to be a GREAT ASSET for all asian residents in OC. Many of my Republican friends outside of the Vietnamese community feel the same way. Keep it up Tri Ta! May God lead your bright future.

Lam Pho

Jaime, as far as Tri Ta being a sincere leader, for now I agree with you. I think he means well.

Re: Lam Pho

I don't know who put you in charge of character evaluation, but I would be interested to learn what are YOUR motivations behind politics?

It's not just a hobby now is it?

Lam Pho Watch

Lam Pho,

Just an observor of the political scene and current events like any good American citizen.

I call it the way I see it, even if it rubs the wrong way on others. Truth be told!

Lam Pho

"Where's the illegality?"

I guess my use of the word "scam" wasn't appropriate. I didn't mean it in a legal way. Perhaps there is a better word for it.

Like a car salesman telling you, "I want to help you and will try to get you the best price possible" when inside he's thinking, "I'm going to screw you every which way I can and get as much money as I can for this product, so I can win the salesman of the year award". I'd loosely call that a scam eventhough what he's doing may not be illegal. Again, there may be a better word for it.
I wasn't being racial when I said I know the Viet's mind, because that's the truth. No one really understands a group unless you're a part of that group. You can play your little game and tell your stories to non-viets and hope they'd buy your BS. In fact, any non-viet who criticizes the Vietnamese community would be labeled a racist. That's why it's important for someone like me to speak up. And some of you are scare to death of what I might say.
Here's another fact that you don't understand or won't admit; is that I criticize members in my community not because I enjoy attacking my own community, but because I sincerely love my community. We have a powerful community, with tens of thousands of brilliant students, professionals, doctors, lawyers, businessmen who are busy working, creating, building our future. And all we see in a news are small groups of people protesting and a hand full of politicians and pseudo leaders talking trash. It kills me, man, watching you people destroy my community. We are so much better than that.

Lam Pho

"I don't know who put you in charge of character evaluation"

You know who put in charge? "YOU" did!!

Yes, "YOU" put me in charge of "YOUR" character evaluation. Because I had go through months and years of "you" begging for my vote by sending me flyers, ads, banners, signs, phone calls... exaggerating "your" experience, telling me how great "you" are and bad mouthing other candidates. "You" wanted me to judge "your" character and I'm doing just that. What's the problem?
To be clear, I am not in charge of you or anyone else. As an American, I am in charge of myself with the perfect right to judge those in office who say they are there to represent me.


I appreciate all office holders because it takes a lot of courage to run for any type of public position.... and I give my respect to them when I can see their HEART , not their mistakes. One's MOTIVATION from his or her heart is the single most important component in translating one's character correctly. This will more likely tell you how they would act when no one is watching them.... except God, He is always with us.

Lam Pho Run for Westminster Mayor

Lam Pho:

I love you man! You have the right stuff. Please run and beat the &%$#& out of 80-year old Maggie Rice. Please.

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