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August 20, 2007


Stand tall, Republicans

Good for the Republicans!! I was worried they might cave in because of the slanted media coverage. Hopefully they remember nobody recalls last week's headlines and they stay the course until the budget is adjusted to their liking - which of course, protects the taxpayers.

Keep a stiff upper lip, Dick and tell the caucus to hold the line. There's enough truth out through radio talk shows and the internet to counteract the MSM slant. Hold the line!!!


Substantive arguments aside, perhaps the GOP Senate caucus should consider replacing Ackerman with Battin or someone who has a bit more clout with the caucus. Its bad form to cut a deal and then not be able to deliver.

Maybe, Maybe Not

I agree with Bladerunner, for once, that it would be bad form to cut a deal one cannot deliver.

However, none of us know the terms of the "deal". If Ackerman said something like:
"works for me, lets see if the caucus will buy it" then it isn't really a deal, is it.

It would make sense thought that Democratic leadership would release a "deal" and then try to spin in the manner done here.

On the other had, Ackerman could be a complete donkey. I guess my point is that it is not good form to speculate one someone you have no knowledge of when there are numerous other possible speculations.


Understand the caucus agreed to rely on the gov to blue pencil the budget into balance
This was the deal they could have had earlier
The restictions on lawsuits against Prop 1B funded projects was one new offer
Not sure if others
But now I hear the Reps are asking for more money for charter schools
I thought the issue was a balanced budget not more spending



The deal is NOW done, but Ackerman was quoted as saying they had reached a deal and then after the Caucus, backed off of it. Looks like the additional concession after that was adding the levees to highways in the protection from Jerry Brown provisio.

The LAT also noted that Ackerman "repeatedly brokered deals with the Governor and Democratic leaders only to have his own caucus refuse to go along."

I wasn't really speculating although its possible the LAT didn't analyze it perfectly. But the LAT isn't the only source to point this out about Ackerman, whom I don't dislike by the way.

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