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August 16, 2007



...you can threaten to ban from this blog all who do not agree with you...

This is getting tiresome. Does anyone understand plain English anymore?

For the millionth time, I don't ban anyone because their opinions differ from my own. One minute spent reading this comment thread alone makes that abundantly clear.

...WE DO NOT WANT HOUSING IN THE RESORT DISTRICT! How can you not understand that?

There's nothing to understand because that's a ridiculous claim. Obviously, you do not want housing in the resort district, but for you to claim to speak on behalf of all Anaheim residents is patently absurd.

...end up wasting OUR tax money because of this whole fiasco.

Another absurd claim. It is Disney/SOAR that chose to qualify a referendum and will soon qualify their initiative, thus requiring the expense of election(s) -- not SunCal.


Union labor to build the third park, or to operate it?

To build it.

According to my sources in OC labor, Disney has made it clear to the OC Central Labor Council and the building trades locals that getting on board the SOAR train would be a good idea if they want to building of the 3rd gate to be done with union labor.

At last months meeting, one union member shook his head and told me hoped they'd gotten a written commitment from Disney, because Disney told the unions the building of California Adventure would be done with union labor, and then proceeded to give about a third of the work to non-union contractors.

[FYI -- I think Disney should be able to hire whichever contractors they like, union or non-union]

I just want to put this support of the building trades in perspective. It is not the result of some civic concern about what's best for the Resort District.


And it wasn't even an advanced proposal. It was a first draft proposal that only had a few fuzzy, breezy sketches of a park as seen from 1,000 feet in the air.

It was much more than a "few fuzzy, breezy sketches." Disney was making a big to-do about WestCOT. They had a big display model of WestCOT that traveled around hotel lobbies to impress all the tourists, meeting and convention planners, etc about what Disney was planning to build. Disney had local Congressman Bob Dornan working to secure federal funding for a freeway off-ramp from the I-5 directly into two massive parking structure (Disney and Dornan received a good deal of OC conservative criticism for that egregious example of attempted corporate welfare). Disney held community meetings in hotel ballrooms to explain and herald the coming of WestCOT and its benefits, such as the 8,000 hotel rooms (and accompanying tax revenues) it was going to bring to Anaheim. Which of course didn't materialize.

Finally, do you think the City of Anaheim would have agreed to forming the Resort District and issuing a $500 million bond on the basis of a "few fuzzy, breezy sketches"?

No one denies the economic benefits of Disneyland to Anaheim. But Disney/SOAR's claims of "a deal is a deal" and that "Disney kept its part of the bargain aren't true. They mythologize that recent past, and it amazes me that so many people who were around then and know better hew to that mythology.

Anaheim H.O.M.E.

Anaheim H.O.M.E. (Home Owners Maintaining their Environment) Board of Directors and other members meet every Thursday at 9:30 AM at the Varsity on Lincoln, across from Saint Boniface church (as they have for the past 10 plus years).

The current president is Anaheim realtor Steve White.


Wow! I had no idea that Anaheim HOME was still around. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it. Does Anaheim HOME have an official stand on this SunCal condo proposal? Did a representative speak at the City Council meeting this week regarding this issue? Or at any recent City Council meeting regarding this issue?

And speaking of the City Council meeting, did you all see Larry the Jungle Cruise Skipper who stood up and addressed the council at Tuesdays big meeting? And he introduced himself to the Mayor and Council as a Skipper from the "World Famous Jungle Cruise"! Too great! I was proud of him for representing us hourly Cast Members so well in front of everyone.

I loved what he had to say too about this issue and ending the Council's feet dragging on the problem they helped create. Thus far, I haven't met a Disneyland Cast Member who is actually for the SunCal proposal myself. Although I'm sure there is at least a few of the 20,000 Disneyland hourly Cast Members who might be for it. But I haven't heard of one yet.


"Thus far, I haven't met a Disneyland Cast Member who is actually for the SunCal proposal myself."

Which proves what, exactly?


Well, in my mind I was thinking of the LA Times article that profiled and interviewed two Disneyland Cast Members making 10 to 12 bucks an hour; a banquet busboy at the Hotel and a Security Gaurd in the park. The Times article played up their plight of no affordable housing and went to great lengths to portray their struggles in trying to raise a family and support elderly family members on a 11 dollar an hour job at Disneyland, and how the expense of monthly rent ate into their small salaries. It was typical LA Times liberal blather, and that part didn't surprise me.

But what surprised me, and lots of friends I've talked with since, is that there are actually busboys over at the Hotel who think that SunCal is going to open up its pearly gates and give them a lovely 2 bedroom home that they can "afford" on their 11 dollar an hour job. The "affordable" units in any central OC condo development are going to go for $400,000 instead of the $600,000 the regular two bedroom homes go for. At that "affordable" price not even the busboy's manager making $45,000 per year is going to afford the "affordable" units, let alone an 11 dollar an hour busboy supporting a wife and two kids in a two-bedroom apartment in south Anaheim.

I haven't met a single Cast Member who actually thinks SunCal is going to offer apartments or condos anyone making 11 dollars per hour can afford. In my mind, the SunCal/CPDA/Lori Galloway talking point of "Disney opposes affordable housing for its workers" is laughable. Of course, leave it to the LA Times to dig up a delusional busboy and security gaurd who somehow think they will be able to leave their meager existence and move into a "Deluxe Apartment In The Sky!" out of the goodness of SunCal's heart.

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