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August 21, 2007


He tries to be like the  Hon. Michele Martinez

Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez started these in Santa Ana earlier this year. Can't Jose think up his own ideas to try to connect with residents? How many town hall meetings on gangs to we really need in a 3 month period?


"Panelists have been asked to present success stories regarding their work and suggestions for how the state government may help their organizations accomplish their goals."

Dancing for Dollars!!

I urge Pringle to start a NYC-type program-- not fixing broken windows, but maybe enforcing the law against stealing shopping carts--instead of funding feel good programs.

This LA story is instructive on the effectiveness of such payoffs (with taxpayer money): http://www.laweekly.com/news/news/did-city-hall-fund-a-gun-runner/16534/

H. Tervola

Could the first thought on my internet page www.paradisewins.net be used in youth work in order to tranform the gangs to a positive force in the society instead of a negative factor?

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