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August 07, 2007


Pete Fundy

Fun stuff, by golly!

Don't know about everyone else, but for a few minutes, this made Pete Fundy completely forget about the 26 troops who have died in Iraq within the past week.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

Tim Steed

Thanks for the Link!

Jubal, you should simpsonize the blosphere (OCBLOG, O-Juice, and TheLiberalOC) Just as long as you make me look like DUFF MAN!


Chuck are you getting your 153 dollar a day per diem while youre simpsonizing yourself?

Chuck DeVore

No per diem while we are out of session or while the budget is not passed. By the way, per diem is set at the federal rate for the Sacramento area and is the same rate I was paid while traveling doing work in the aerospace industry. It's a fairly common practice while working in a job that requires out of town work.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Tom Cares

I say: Retreating to your home district, and taking a few minutes to simpsonize yourself, during a 65+ day budget impasse, makes a better legislator than Speaker Nunez, who opted to spend his recess, thousands of miles from his district and the capitol.

Tom Cares

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