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August 01, 2007


SoCo Gal


I realize math is not my strong suit, but Mimi's numbers don't add up.

Adam D. Probolsky

SoCal Gal: She had cash on hand before this filing period.

SoCo Gal


I see. Thanks!


WOW Harry has only been fundraising since March and he is almost caught up to Mimi...

Meddlesome Nobody

What happened to the Larry Dick post???????


Jubal - I just received the following Harry Sidhu 33rd State Senate District Campaign News Release email and checked campaign filings by the links you provided in your post.

Harry has received "more" monetary contributions for the primary campaign than Mimi in only 4 mos. - entire email News Release is cut and pasted below. Wow - Go Harry!



Anaheim, CA - Councilman Harry Sidhu (R-Anaheim) filed campaign disclosures with the California Secretary of State's office yesterday that reported $367,775 in direct contributions to his primary campaign for the Republican nomination to the 33rd State Senate District. After announcing his candidacy at the end of February, Councilman Sidhu, in less than four (4) months, has received more monetary contributions for the primary campaign than Assemblywoman Mimi Walters who has been actively campaigning for the seat since November of 2006. In comparing reports, Walters received monetary contributions (minus loans) for the primary campaign of just under $360,000 even though her campaign had sixty (60) more days to raise funds than that of the Sidhu campaign.

"The support for my candidacy has been overwhelming. I have worked hard to be a dedicated Councilman in Anaheim and have always placed the needs of the taxpayers first," said Councilman Harry Sidhu. "I believe that is why our campaign is receiving so much support. People are just plain tired of 'politics as usual' in Sacramento. They are looking for a representative that they can trust to always do the right thing, and they know that I will."

Including a $100,000 personal loan from Sidhu, the campaign ended the reporting period with an available cash balance of $433,297.

"Making a difference to bring about change in the legislature that will lead to fiscal and true taxpayer accountability is my objective, and I remain committed to raising the money necessary to take our meaningful message to the voters," stated Councilman Harry Sidhu. "As of this report, we have been raising campaign funds for a very short time and the pace continues to increase. I am confident that we will have the support necessary to win this campaign."

Councilman Sidhu is widely recognized as a conservative Republican elected official who has a solid record of fiscal responsibility, accountability to the taxpayers, and transparency in government. An early snap-shot poll done at the beginning of the year showed Sidhu in good position for this race. The Councilman had strong support from older voters which will have great benefit in a low turnout election, but more importantly the polling showed where people knew Sidhu he had an overwhelming 80% favorable approval rating.

Numbers Cruncher

In the case of Walters and Sidhu, the amounts raised are not all that relevant. Both candidates are wealthy and capable of self-funding, which means the most qualified candidate with the fewest skeletons will likely win.

Truth Syrup

Everyone assumes that Walters is the strong favorite, this shows otherwise. Looks like this will be a great battle.

I don't think anyone is surprised by Harry's fundraising efforts.

However, Harry is going to have to spend twice that to just get par with Walters in positive name ID. That is before he gets his message out and defends himself against any attacks.

I still say advantage Mimi.

If I knew how to link

If I knew how to link I'd link back to the Sidhu-Mimi polling of a couple months ago.

They are about the same in name ID and vote.

OC Native

Here's the Red County/OC Blog's post about Sidhu-Walters that the previous poster was talking about.

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