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August 18, 2007


BS Detector

Isn't this typical -- don't fix it, exploit the problem by taxing it.

Mark J

It was recently announced that LAX will soon be undergoing a significant expansion in the near future by adding 10 gates that are specifically capable for handling the increasing numbers of large jets – 747s and the 500+seat A380. Eventually it will construct 40 of these new large gates. This just further cements LAX’s important position as the core airport used by all southland citizens for their air travel due to its capacity to provide everyone the flight options that they need, where they need to go, and when they need it. Further, the city of LA has demonstrated that it clearly understands the importance of LAX and benefits that the airport provides to the LA economy, and in the future (maybe sooner than later) will work to develop a sophisticated transportation system for bringing in the people without clogging the roads. Simply, LAX has the capacity to give the best options in flight, the Southland has the demand for such convenience, and LA City has the ambition to bring this supply and demand together.


Hey Kranser,

you of all people should not worry about paying extra prices to use LAX. You see if we had El Toro we would not have to waste our time with a 50 mile one way commute to LAX in the first place! You helped kill El Toro and now you need to learn live with the consequences of your actions.

Len Kranser

Hello again, NIMBYitis. I expected that this news piece about a Los Angeles politician would lead to some personal attack from the let's-keep-beating-on-the-ElToro-dead-horse sour grapes crowd.

Keep in mind that the County of Orange estimated that El Toro Airport would draw around 5 million L.A., San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino County travelers per year onto O.C. freeways. We could save 50 minutes driving to LAX every few months and instead, we'd sit in local airport traffic every day going to work.

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