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August 17, 2007


Been Around

I wonder how much poor Jim Lacy had to pay to get that sorry crew of "protesters" to come out? This whole thing gets more pathetic everyday.

One Who Knows

Now that the proponents are circulating their petition, I suspect that we are going to have a recall election sometime soon. As we all know, any darn fool with twenty-five cents in his pocket can qualify a petition. It happens all the time.

All Mr. Lacy and his Merry Band of Harkey Haters need is about 4,500 signatures. If they are as competent as they claim, that's something they ought to be able to accomplish in a couple of weekends.

But for Mr. Lacy, winning the election will be quite another matter. I predict that Mayor Harkey beats him by at least 60% - 40%. Maybe even two to one.

Shawn Fago

One Who Knows,

They can’t even get the location of Harkey's fundraiser right. Do you really think they are competent enough to get 4500 VALID signatures? They couldn’t even get 20 valid signatures the first two times they tried to qualify their petition.

-Shawn Fago

One Who Knows


YES I think they can get enough signatures.

Voters generally will sign almost anything that's put in front of them.

Look at all the crazy initiatives which qualify for each election.

It may cost them a few dollars, but they only need 20% of the voters to sign. That means that 80% of the voters can be absolutely opposed to the idea of recalling the Mayor, but Mr. Lacy can still qualify his petitions and be entitled to an election.

Sad...very sad.

K Wilson

OK, I was one of the "protesters" last evening, and even I have to admit, the hilarity of the revelation that we were at the wrong location did not even escape me! After we (Tony and I) had a hearty belly laugh at the thought of it all. I realized, I am just an average normal citizen, NOT a politically savvy, individual who would defend a cause, as long as it suited my affiliation, no matter right or wrong. I do know one thing. I feel the way I do about Diane Harkey because of what I have heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes. If anything else it was one heck of a practice run before we begin our regulary scheduled protests on the streets of Dana Point.

Jim Lacy

There is so much spin coming from the Harkey people that even I am getting sick of it. So, I'll stick to the facts:

1. Fago and Adam really do know that the location of the event was posted on the Orange County Republican Party Calendar of events webpage as the Pacific Club for the last two or three weeks, even though a prior invitation was faxed out by Harkey's fundraiser listing the site of the event as the Ritz Restaurant. They are just spinning here to do "damage control." So, who is really misleading the public about the location? Scott Baugh and the OC Republican Party, or Diane Harkey (through Adam and potential son-in-law Fago)? I think the probabilities are that would be Harkey. But if people want to ask Baugh and his staff, I'm sure they will tell you that they relied on Harkey herself to give them the post for the Calendar of Events as the Pacific Club.

2. While we relied on the Orange County Republican Party Calendar of Events for its truthfulness, the actual location of the event doesn't matter - we made our point that there is a group of volunteers ready to work on and draw attention to the Harkey Recall. In any event, John Campbell was at the Pacific Club for the event at the appointed time, as he was the Harkey "host," and you can see a picture of him entering the place at www.theocliberalblog.com.

3. Who cares anyway? Adam wants readers to think this was some screw-up. But he is just spinning. The points that Recall advocates indeed accomplished are: a. Harkey had to hide/change/misrepresent or spin (take your pick, it is one of them) the location of a fundraiser. That is not a good thing to do in an Assembly race. b. The rally action drew an article in Newport Beach's Daily Pilot and thus a reference in the OC Blog news summary. Newport Beach is where Harkey hopes to get her financial support for the cost of opposing the recall, and for her Assembly campaign. Now the press and alert readers and potential donors know there is a problem with Harkey. According to the Daily Pilot article yesterday, Harkey refused to answer a direct question and tell Alicia Robinson, a political reporter, where she was having the event! In my opinion, that is not a way to run an Assembly campaign or build credibility with political reporters. c. Future public events held by Harkey will be have to deal with the same enthusiastic group of Ethics Matter - Recall Harkey volunteers demonstrating out front. For info and to volunteer go to: www.dianeharkeyrecall.com.

4. Final fact update. Last week, Dana Point residents received an "official" looking mailing from "Dana Point Today." The mailing lauded Mayor Diane Harkey. It used official city portraits of the council, listed official city email addresses for the council, used the City Motto, used the official city seal -- and all of it was unauthorized. And the unauthorized use of the city seal is a misdemeanor crime under the Dana Point Muni Code. The city seal is not intended to be used to promote someone's political career. While Harkey has informed Jubal, Martin Wisckol, and others in an explicit email that she had nothing to do with the mailing, public records research indicates the agent for service of process of Dana Point Today is Dana Reed, the name partner in Harkey's own lawyer's law firm, as listed on the firm website. This connection suggests Harkey does have a connection to the mailing, and the City of Dana Point is obliged to investigate her connection to it, or leave it to the Grand Jury.

I like your car Adam!


LOL....I hate to break it to ya Lacy but she (Harkey) has every right to "change" the location of her event (if she even in fact did that). She also has every right NOT to tell a reporter anything. And besides do you really believe protesting an event in NB, with all her donors and supporters was an effective call anyway?

Jim Lacy


Adam, whom I personally like and look forward to post-mortem discussion with, uses his position on the Blog Roll to engage in a deception and "damage control" for Harkey by making me and the recall team look like we just can't figure out where the Harkey fundraiser was last night. Below is a copy of the OC GOP Calendar of Events showing the location of the event as the Pacific Club. I had previously received a faxed invitation listing it at the Ritz. The event was so small it probably was Harkey's intention after she heard about the recall rally to shift between the two sites, while flying false flags courtesy of the Orange County Republican Party (whom I imagine would not be happy to be a part of all this deception, since they would want their calendar to be reliable).

None of this really matters re: the recall team, and what does it accomplish for the Harkey people, who look even more like they can't be trusted? We made our point. The thing that is remarkable about all this is not that the recall people were at the wrong location (if it even was the wrong location) -- we relied on a credible source, the OC GOP. Rather, the fact is the Harkey people are engaging in deception and untruthful representations - to not just a reporter, but to Republicans no less, about Harkey's Assembly campaign! That can't bode too well for them in future, and such unethical standards do not shine so well on any elected official.

From Orange County Republican Party's Official Calendar of Events:

Thursday, 8/16/07
6:00 PM
Special Event Cocktail Reception & Dinner with Mayor Diane Harkey
With Special Guest Congressman John Campbell

Where: Pacific Club, Newport Beach

You are cordially invited to an intimate Cocktail Reception & Dinner in honor of Mayor Diane Harkey, Republican Candidate for the 73rd Assembly District. Our special guest will be Congressman John Campbell. Join fellow supporters at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach for an evening of great food and conversation. Tickets are $1000 per person. Please RSVP to Beth Holder at (949) 854-3497 or [email protected].


Jim Lacy is leading a crackpot parade. How much fun is this!


Lacy - I know what the OC calendar said. So what? You are just pissed that you got duped. Have a sense of humor about it or you'll burst a blood vessel.

Jerry A. Grunor

Hey gang, it all boils down to this. The people of Dana Point do not like "Queen" Harkey and will vote to recall her. Once this happens, she will be dropped like a hot potato from the Republican Party and she will never be heard from again. As far as 'Fagala' and all of his 'Post Mortem Writers', this incident only proves one thing...no voter in his or her right mind would vote for someone who does not have integrity. When you lie to the people about so many things, the truth finally catches up with you.

Last but not least, I must tell you people that the 'Fat Lady' is warming up her aria and is ready to sing her song. As the saying goes, "If everything seems to be going well...you have obviously overlooked something."

The writing is on the wall...and Harkey ain't painting a pretty picture of herself. Like a calendar, her day's are numbered.

Bored with Jerry

Grunor, your posts are all verbiage and cliches and no substance.

I'll believe this Harkey recall business when it actually happens. Right now, it just looks like factional bad blood.

DP Resident

I find it amusing that in another post by Jubal "The Disneyheim Campaign: $1.35 Million Spent...And Counting" he was outraged at all the money Disney was spending and trying to claim it was a grass roots campaign. Looks like he's been chuggin' some of that kool-aid he accuses us in Dana Point of dipping into.

When Harkey ran for the city council in 2004, Lara Andersen spent about $20,000 to win her seat. Hareky spent $180,000. That worked out to about $20 per vote. The day after the election, she was in the OC Register trying to claim that she spent only $20,000 in her "grass roots" campaign against the evil developer interests. Problem was, the grass roots were all organized by Harkey. When some "locals" were protesting against the incumbent Mayor (sound familiar?) it was Dan "DJ" Harkey who was handing out the "Say No to Joe" sign from the back of his Jeep. Many of the "common" people standing on street corners were paid by her campaign. Dennis Kaiser of the OC Register was in Harkey's pocket. The paper had to print corrections and retractions due to his incompetence, and soon after he lost his job at the Register. Her Campaign Manager had connections with the reporter at the L.A. TImes that resorted in more "factually challenged" stories. Harkey always seemed to be quoted in the stories, but the reporters never seemed to have the time talk with all the others involved.

Keep putting these softball blogs up guys. We'll knock 'em out of the park every time.


Dp Resident - Jubal did not post this....duh.

Art Pedroza


What do you care? You live in Costa Mesa. Why do you always attack those who stand up to the OC GOP machine?

Jim Lacy is a real conservative. He has more political experience than you will EVER have. The fact that someone that legitimate is trying to take out Harkey ought to give you and your machine buddies a heart attack.

Shame on Probolsky for wasting his time on a candidate who is despised in her own town.

Protesters should be lined up at the Hall of Administration to protest what Street and Moorlach have done to this county. The negative impact these two have created are going to cost the County taxpayers millions in hard earned taxpayer money so their egos can be fed.

DP Resident


I am overwhelmed by the eloquence of your argument..... I was trying to limit my posting(s) about Harkey to articles about her. That is why I linked back to Jubal in my post. It's been a long time since I was in the eighth grade, but I will try to make it easy for you. The main points of my post were:

a) The hypocrisy of those who support Harkey when she does something, yet complain when other do the same. Disney is pounced on for spending freely and helping organize forces that support them, while Harkey is allowed to do the same with impunity.

b) The fact that Harkey was herself elected using tactics similar to those she (and her daughter) are now whining about. Joe Snyder was the incumbent Mayor, supported by the political establishment. He was attacked by Harkey and her band of "malcontents", who would picket outside of Mayor Snyder's fund raisers. Many of those same "malcontents" are the people now going after Harkey.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Now if you have something intelligent to say regarding the CONTENT of my post, please feel free to fire away.... dude.


Art - I do not see anyone standing up to any "machine". I could care less if they recall harkey or not..lol. I just thought it was funny. And how does me pointing out that DP Resident was attacking the wrong blogger make me the bad guy? Oh and btw, Lacy does not have more political experience then myself...we have both been in the biz for about the same amount of time.


DP - I will spell it out for you as if you are in the 8th grade as well....Jubal did not post this...Probolsky did. In fact I do not see ONE comment from Jubal here.....So your attack on Jubal is unnecessary and uncalled for. As to the recall issue....I don't care if you want to recall Harkey...go for it.

antony cooke

There are several things which strike me about all of the commotion surrounding this latest flap:

(a) There is an amazing comfort level that some people seem to have about the lack of integrity and honesty in their elected, or would-be elected officials. One has to question why anyone would vote for a person who would just as soon sell them out at the next opportunity.

(b) Diane Harkey has once again put on display the very lack of trustworthiness and ethics which are the subject of the recall, and once again her unwillingness to face her constituents.

(c) To have a lead article written by someone who freely admits that Harkey is one of his clients should automatically negate his credibility completely. And the term 'client' again reveals all about who we have here: a 'hired gun', employed to manipulate his clients' constituents. The fact that he knew exactly where to locate the protesters in order to take the video clip reveals everything.

(d) And since when does a recall effort, just before signature gathering commences, become already a "failed" effort?

Matt, you should know better than granting such blatant political operatives the respectability of presenting lead articles on your site. And you might consider just how bad they have made their own party look by using it to put out bogus information. The credibility of their own party and that of your site is now at stake.

robert traphagen

I am a proponent to recall Diane Harkey. She has deceived my wife and Colleen and others having believe she was working for us. She instead has joined alliance with the very people we are sueing. What I find interesting in all of this blogging back and forth is that it in fact shows me that we are winning. The Harkey supporters are desparate to twist the truth. I believe the Harkey contribution dinner event did exist at the Pacific Club. If not there was a large truck setting up tables, chairs, food,and drinks, starting at 4:20 PM when I got there. Also Congressman Campbell went into the Pacific Club who was the host for the Harkey event. I also find them desparate as they bring out Diane Harkey`s daughter`s boy friend to interview us with a recorder and film us. They then use this and twist the facts. Tese are desparate tactics and it elates me knowing that they are running afraid, and that we are truly winning. Yes we will get the 4500 signatures needed. And yes Harkey will be recalled. And yes Harkey will lose her State Assembly bid. Diane Harkey shoul have remembered who helped get her into the City Council and worked ethically for her constituents. Robert Traphagen

One Who Knows

Would someone please show Mr. Traphagen how to use spell-check?

Long-time Politico

Let's get to the important stuff here. Is that a new Maseratti that this was filmed from? Dangling participle not withstanding, this inquiring mind wants to know.


Antony - the failed effort was probably pointed at the fact the your team could not even get the 20 signatures right the first 3 times. I mean come on now....how hard is it to get 20 valid signatures? And if you can not get 20 signatures how in the helk are ya gonna get 4500? That gave me and many others a really good few laughs.

Dave Swanson

Art please, get over yourself. This isn't an issue of who is an isn't a conservative. This recall charade is just an attempt by Jim Lacy to get back at Harkey on a personal level. If Lacy really had a problem with Harkey as a public servant he would challenge her, or find someone to challenge her. Instead he'd rather have a band of jokers to stir the pot. I also find it humorous that Mr. Pedroza has anointed himself the judge, jury, and executioner over who is and isn't a "real conservative"...a guy who left the Republican Party and is a proud DTS or Libertarian voter. Yet all he has is his soapbox "The Orange Punch", yet the soapbox seems to have a case of termites. It's time for Terminex Art. Get off your highhorse.

Jim, your attacks on Adam and Shawn are immature and rude, you should be ashamed.

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