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August 14, 2007


Preston L. Bannister

The seven "worst" examples of the 50 earmarks targeted total less than $42 million. Assuming the not-worst examples are smaller, the total for the entire 50 might add up to as much as $45 million. This accounts for about 0.0015% of federal spending, or about 0.019% of one year's deficit spending...

... which is about as significant as a sneeze in an avalanche.

Interested voters would like to know about the other 99.99% of spending. Otherwise this bit of political fluff sounds good but means nothing.

Since a Republican President and Republican-lead Congress grew federal spending by a massive TRILLION dollars (spending is about to break $3 trillion dollars per year), the phrase "Republican reformers" is a little odd.

Dan Chmielewski

You have to be kidding me here; John Campbell voted for every GOP earmark when the Republicans had the majority in the House. To portray him as some champion of wasteful spending now is pretty funny.

Preston L. Bannister

No I am not kidding. As with every other voter who is not a full-time political junkie, information about which politician voted for what, and how much it cost - this information is practically unavailable.

Because the amount of money is so small, this article tells us nothing useful.

You said "Campbell voted for every GOP earmark". Not what you meant?

Preston L. Bannister

Ah, sorry Dan. Your remark was directed at Matt.
My mistake.


Campbell bought elections at every level spending money like a drunken democrat. Now that he can't spend like all the other indicted congressmen under the Republican controlled congress, he has seen the light!

He has continued to support fellow reep's pet projects in other states but does nothing for Orange County who elected him. Love her or hate her, its Sanchez who supports Water, Roads, Sanitation and her communities. So many electeds scream about OC being a "donor" county, only Sanchez is doing something about changing that. The Campbell's and Royce's of the county do nothing!


Love her or hate her, its Sanchez who supports Water, Roads, Sanitation and her communities.

Except of course, when she's trying to kill the completion of the 241 toll road.

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