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August 18, 2007


Thanks Moorlach for bringing us Chriss Street. Instead of being a so called reformer and watch dog for the taxpayers you have wasted millions of our dollars and you have put this County at risk of financial ruin.

Long-time Politico

Street's 'Chinese water torture' continues compliments of the OC Register. The time is approaching for Jubal to set up a pool on how long this elected will hold on.

As to the anti-Moorlach posters, you are premature. The matter there comes down to the old Watergate question: What did Moorlach know and when did he know it? We are left to wait for Moorlach to answer that.

John Henry Holliday

Mr. Long-time Politico:

Many of these reports of misdeeds were campaign fodder used by the deputy sheriffs when Jubal’s BFF Moorlach ran for Supervisor. After Moorlach’s subsequent victory, he (Moorlach) responded like the political amateur he is and chose a path of name calling and juvenile behavior (his infamous pose with his arms folded comes to mind).

Chriss Street was dealing with many of these issues LONG BEFORE he was hand picked by Moorlach to be the "Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector”, a title critically needed to have a shot at being elected. The state of denial you live in cloud yours and Jubal’s judgment. Face the fact: Chriss Street and John Moorlach are inextricably linked.

And finally, even people who think like you have to find humor in your slam (water torture?) on the OCR. The OCR, as expected, has given Moorlach a free pass on this one. Don’t expect a peep from Steve “I wish I had a Pulitzer’ Greenhut to make this an issue either.

Looks like Long-time Politico has Short-time Memory-o.

Moorlach knew about Streets highly questionable and most likely illegal actions prior to Street being hired by Moorlach. In fact Moorlach knew about Streets shaded background when he accepted money from Streets wife for his political campaign. We know know how much it costs Moorlach to sell his sour. Fifteen hundred and a buddy for life named Chrss Street.


What did Moorlach know and when did he know it?

What we should be asking is: What does Chriss Street know about Moorlach and when did he know it?

Green Machine

As a member of County law enforcement it should be apparent that I'm no fan of Moorlach. His self agrandizing attack on our retirees and his sleazy manuevering to get Street elected should remind people that he is a politician and like all politicians he's got his own agenda, but all of this speculaton about what he knew and when he knew it is a stretch at this point.

Having said that, I think its fair to question John Moorlach's judgement as it relates to Chriss Street. Moorlach laid the groundwork for his election to the treasurer's office and he gave Street his endorsement when others pulled theirs.

Up until this event Moorlach has received a free pass from the OCR, but one thing is for certain when it comes to the media. When they smell a rat they forget about their mutual admiration club and go for the kill. If Steet falters, Moorlach will have some questions to answer.

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