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August 07, 2007


Hotline to bust illegal aliens

So a small group of anti-American legal and/or illegal aliens wants to set up a hotline to deter our law enforcement officials from doing their job? I know this is a stupid question with Democrats in control of Congress, but shouldn't that be illegal???

In response let's make a conserted effort to start a "County Watch Program" and inform the appropriate agencies whenever illegal alien activity is sited - beginning with neighbors and neighborhoods. We can keep a running tally of illegal aliens the readers of this blog have helpled track down. Imagine how much better a place Orange County would become. Then other Counties could model our success and actually turn back the tide that the idiots in the OCR article support. Imagine...improved services with tax reductions in California...

City To Consider Taking Over Rose Center --

The Rose Center Foundation, now Chaired by Mayor Rice, she is not the Vice Chair as the article states, has continuously raised funds to meet the expected shortfalls. Last evening the Center Board motioned to move one hundred and ten thousand dollars from the foundation account to the operating account to cover the operating shortfall.

I am on the Rose Center Board. I was, for years, a chief of the "opposition party" that did not want the center built because it seemed apparent that the city budget could not bear the expense of meeting any shortfalls that such a center, as in most cities, was sure to produce.

Now, I have seen the purpose behind the Rose Center Foundation, and it is to meet that shortfall to avoid the burden being on the backs of the taxpayers. They have succeeded in doing that in the very first year of operation which is most remarkable. As remarkable as this is coming from a former strong oppositionist.

I think the City, without having the audit completed, without counting the full amount of revenue expected in the Foundation is precipitiously taking this action and should at least put this on the next agenda so the audit can be completed before making such a move.

Realize that this action will permanently put the entire operation shortfall on the backs of the taxpayers in Westminster, along with the expense of hiring of a Theater Manager which is suggested by the City. My humble opinion - Let the Foundation have a go at it for another year -this is only the first year and it's still in the black.

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