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August 29, 2007


I Don't Recall

I expect the same result in the Diane Harkey recall.


Mark, how is your the Judy Ahrens case going with KimOanh Nguyen-Lam?

Shawn Fago

Take note Harkey Re-callers.

I Don't Recall

Great News. Deborah is a classy lady with a good head on her shoulders. These recall people should go back to worrying what to do about Coyotes eating their cats. In other words, back to normal in V.P.!

OCGOP got it right for once

Another explination could be a strong unified message was sent from the OC GOP Central Committee in the form of a Resolution to oppose the recall. Realizing that fact, the recall group wisely backed down.

Miss Pauly and the City of Villa Park owes major kudos to the two members who stood up on her behalf and then to the committee, for sparing the city the expense of a recall election by passing the Resolution.

 long time vp resident

This handful of people running the recall should focus more on things that matter, like the fact that Villa Park continues to employ hundreds of Illegal aliens in the form of nannies, gardeners & the like.
These unhappy people should consider putting their time and money into more important things than if someone stood two feet closer to a polling place than they should have. Get a life.

Just think if they used their powers for good! I would like to personally call out the committee to donate all of the funds intended for the recall effort to the Villa Park Community Services Foundation. After all, they had Villa Park's best interest at heart the whole time right?


Let's not forget that Mrs. Pauly is also a total babe!


OCGOP Got it right for once----I agree with your handle but suggest that this recall effort would have petered out regardless of whether the the Central Committee had piled on.

Truly a poster child for why most recalls should't be undertaken in the first place.

love vp

This handful of trouble makers who call themselves the recall comittee could not begin to come close to the signatures they needed, that is the truth of it.
It is the same group that will try again for the third time to pass a school bond scam in 2008.
Gear up Republicans!

OCGOP got it right for once


You may be right, but, VP is a strong Republican town and the Central Committee was about to do phone calls and mail informing the registered Republicans of the Resolution. The lone Central Committee Member (Bob Bell) who voted against the Resolution is a major player in the recall group. My point was, I'm sure knowing what was coming had an impact on the final decision to drop the recall regardless of the strength of the effort.

It is interesting that all of the favorable Deborah Pauly headlines are written by Mark Bucher. Mark Bucher is HER ATTORNEY! Talk about "get a life"!


Deborah Pauly dodged a bullet, and she and her supporters know it! She has now alienated herself with the other VP City Council members because of her contentious and selfish behavior. She now knows that hundreds of VP voters will be watching her and waiting for her next mistake.

Honest Government

Please don't think that you post on this blog anonymously. Pauly's attorney, Mark Bucher, controls this blog site. So, yes, on this site we know just how wonderful Deborah Pauly is. Last time I anonymously blogged, Mark replied back to me using my real name, Debo. Then I had to listen to the wonderful Pauly supporters talk about how ugly I was and that I was a leader of a pack of dogs. Jan Naylor continued to express her shock that while my neighbor was on spring break, I walked over to her house to feed her dog....Oh my gosh, I was in my PJ's w/o a bra. I can see the correlation...supporting a person that breaks the law and electioneers and harassing someone for wearing pj's w/o a bra. You go girl!! If I ever need a political ally, I'll call you up.

Hey, I have a good question - why hasn't Pauly denied these charges in print. No where has she stated that she is innocent. NO WHERE!! Yes, I give her kudos for being intelligent w/o morals and ethics. Unfortunately, it seems to be a recurring theme in politics today.



1) Your name "KD" leads people to believe you are VP City Manager Ken Domer -- which you are not.

2) You're making serious and UNSUBSTANTIATED personal allegations about Pauly. That's not allowed here. I'll try to edit your comment to excise the offending portions.

But obey the rules -- no personal attacks or gossip, no profanity -- or be banned.


So it's OK for you to post the blog by "VP Lady" where she states that "Debo" ( a recall proponent) is "disgusting" because she doesn't wear a bra, and she is the "leader of the pack...a bunch of DOGS", but me posting the Truth about Pauly is inappropriate ??? Your editing of my "offending portions" are only "offending" to you and Pauly supporters. Those portions are exactly what the recall and the DA investigations are all about and are anything but UNSUBSTANTIATED!

Didn't we try this before?

I've only met Ms. Pauly once. If that is what constitutes a threatening character in VP I would ask those making that claim leave their little protective bubble and go to LA or even some of the less pleasant parts of OC and see what intimidation looks like.

This sounds like a group who are angry the voters of their town didn't see things from their parochial perspective and are determined to get their way.

I really like this statement:

She now knows that hundreds of VP voters will be watching her and waiting for her next mistake.

I think a statement like that constitutes a threat. But I would ask the anon person who said it if that type of oversight only applies to Ms. Pauly, or all the members of the city council? Are we to believe the four others would never engage in that type of behavior, or that it would be overlooked since they are acceptable to the recall clan who pushed this issue four time before getting it right enough to be rejected by the citizenry at origins of the recall process?

There's another election in just over a year. The chance to put people on the council that would marginalize or enhance Pauly's position will be available to the shrill antics of what appears to be a desperate minority yearning to maintain a power base that is quickly evaporating.

Jay Draiman

The committee for honest government
FBI arrests N.J. public officials 9/6/2007
Mayor, lawmakers, others accused of taking bribes to influence contracts
Calif. charter school leader indicted 9/5/2007
Prosecutors say he, city councilman siphoned millions in public school funds
I guess being a public official – politician is a license to abuse the public confidence and take bribes and kickbacks. I think any public official who abuses his power and takes bribes, kickbacks and influence should get the full punishment the law can give and in an expedited manner.
It is time public officials should abide by the law do their job honestly and build the public trust and confidence.
Public officials should know that public office is not for sale under no circumstances.
The committee for honest government.
How come the City of Chicago is allowing an Energy company in Skokie, Illinois to collect City of Chicago taxes on natural gas for over 15 years without paying any of it to the city or refunding it to the customers. Maybe someone has clout - a former Federal judge was part owner in that company.

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