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August 13, 2007



I'm still not a fan of hate crime laws. Borderline thought police...

Long-time Politico

Bryan touches on a serious issue. The good folks over at the OCHRC are secular humanists who believe fervently in the perfectability of man. If we only pass another law, get a few more regulations, or raise another tax we can gain the leverage to perfect the lesser lights among us. If only . . .

Jubal's Persian buddy

At first when I heard about it, I chuckled. My Arab friends and I tease each other from time to time and joke around with the long rooted stereotypes we have about each other’s community (I think the hate stems way before Islam came about). And a good portion of Persian jokes make fun of Arabs. But to those of us who’ve grown up here, that’s all it is… a joke and lame stereotypes perpetuated by ignorant people.

Then I read the details and finding out that it was a 41 year old man, I felt sorry for him. Yes, these two communities haven’t gotten along in centuries (9-11 and the harassment of the Persian community that followed afterward didn’t help). Its one thing if 2 college age students got into a fight over this (yelling, name calling, etc), but a grown man pulling a knife on someone… that’s just plain tragic.

Trust me, this is not a common occurrence between Persians and Arabs. There’s something seriously wrong with this man to have pulled a knife on someone, especially someone practically ½ his age.


He didn't stab him, and he got 9 years?! Too long, IMO. Maybe that's one reason we have to release dangerous prisons early.

aria ghafari

wow jubal! persians and arabs aren't the same? who wudda thunk it?


Did anyone say they were, Aria?

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