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August 20, 2007


CRP Member

"Now let's hope the CRP leadership make the most of this remarkable opportunity."

Not likely.

Nice for the CRP, but this is not the first time the party has been in dire financial straits. What happened to good old fashioned fundraising? Rather than build a team that can generate money, I'm guessing they'll get out of this hole and dig an even deeper one. Make me long for the days of del Junco.


What is this world coming to? Now Mike Spence has nothing to complain about. Awwww.

Magnolia Ave Insider

Nice how Ron Nehring tried to take credit for this when he had nothing to do with it. This is an Aronld Shop deal. Nehring has yet to prove he can put serious money together. Hey Ron, grab a fiddle, the CRP is burning.

Art Pedroza

Maybe Ron needs to hire more immigrants to save his dying party?

Behind the OC Curtain

Hmmm. A new ED who hails from the OC and two OC millionaires. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure how this one works. Now that the blood letting has stopped and the CRP finances are seemingly in order, can we finally get on to business and not the in-house food fight with one another? Enough is enough.

CRP Member

I guess we can get on to business when the bills are paid. It is my understanding that we are still in the red just with the day to day expenses.
If Bill is responsible for the recent commitments, then he gets my vote for Chairman.

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