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August 21, 2007


Wayne Silzel

We are pleased to learn that the O.C. Republican Party has voted a pledge of support for Deborah Pauly. Petty politics by a handful of hate mongers seeking a recall has been childish and unwarranted.

VPCC Watcher

I have been a supporter of Deborah Pauly's since meeting her on the campaign trail. She's a bright woman who does her home work.
I've never understood why anyone would want to get rid of someone like her - she offers a sane voice to a somewhat insane council. The word around town is the voters wanted a change and that's why they voted for her, and the other new councilmen. I'm not surprised that Bob Bell was the only negative voice against Deborah.

Stand tall, Republicans

Hats off to Marsha Gilchrist for piggy-backing this on the Harkey resolution vote and to Tim Whitacre for seconding Marsha's motion and then speaking on behalf of Deborah. Pretty solid credentials behind Miss Pauly from the Central Committee.


In 15 years in this city we have never seen such a group as these recall people. They need to get a life.
Deb Pauly is a threat to them because she has a brain. Our advice to the recall committee......move to Fontana.

Phil Paule

I have never met the women, I am sure she is a great councilwomen- I just wish she would spell the name right. :)


I happened to be at the Central Committee Meeting last night and was thrilled, but not surprised to see the solid support for Deborah. When the vote was taken, the enthusiasm from the dominant "yes" voters was loud and clear and in sharp contrast to Bob Bell's befuddled and lonely "no" vote.
Thank you, Marsha and Tim, for speaking up for an indisputable and decent fellow Republican.
I sincerely hope that the Bells and all good VP Republicans will now end their involvement in this ignoble recall scheme.

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