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August 09, 2007


Preston L. Bannister

" ... The New Majority. They learn quickly and are genuinely determined to build up the Republican Party. These are wealthy, successful individual with busy lives ... "

Odd definition of a "majority". Very odd.

Given the train wreck gifted to us by the present Republican Party, Congress, and President - are they willing to act as a "... counterweight to the rich and powerful special interests that underpin California ..." Republicans? The Republican Party is in a sorry state. Somehow we have gone down a path extremely harmful to the country.

Make no mistake - I am very, very glad folks with the stated background and motivation are getting involved in Republican politics. At the same time, nothing is going to get better without recognizing that where we are now is bad for the country.

I am still waiting for the New Majority to comment about Arnold, his health care plan, and his notable move to the left.

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