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August 04, 2007


Nice Try

The article ws so NOT ACCURATE that the Register took it down. The Sidhu campaign tried to pull a fast one on the Register by implying that Congressman Royce, Assembylman Spitzer and even the Gov. were supporting Harry. Nice try. Royuce and Spitzer endrose MIMI and the Gov doe snot endorse in primaries and certainly not for Harry.

Milk Man

Nice Try,

I think maybe you should try again. Both links to Wisckol's blog and the OC Register's article are still up.

Art Pedroza

Has Sidhu taken a position re the campaign to oust AUHSD Trustee Harald Martin?

OC Native

Art, although the AUHSD thing is relevant to this City Council position, it is irrelevant to his SD 33 race. AUHSD only covers 2% of SD 33. Most SD 33 voters could care less about AUHSD. The vast majority of SD 33's portion of Anaheim is covered by the Orange Unified School District rather than AUHSD. AUHSD will not affect the SD 33 race.

Cavecche did not attend Harry's fundraiser. She had one of her own the same night.

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