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August 26, 2007



Can you post the entire press release?

It's Over

Sure, and by 8:00 PM he had 21 signatures.

One lonely circulator sitting in front of Albertson's. It's sad, really.

This Mr. Traphagen is probably the same guy who calls himself DP Resident on this blog.

He's the last one standing...sort of like one of those Japanese kamikazes in the movies, who is holed up on a deserted island, still fighting ferociously, not knowing that WWII was long over.

Of course the first 20 signatures he received were of those who signed the recall petition in the first place. They were needed to even be able to circulate the petitions. Remember it took them three trys to get that right.

This thing is over. Say hello to Assemblymember Harkey!

Let the healing begin.

Art Pedroza

Well, you guys thought electing Jim Silva was a great idea. I am sure Harkey will fit right in with him.

Hopefully the recall will succeed and she will be done.

Jerry A. Grunor

I am afraid that no one is born a leader...as leadership must be earned. In essence, people will follow you only when you have earned their trust and respect. There isn't anything that Mayor Harkey has done to have earned the respect of others.

Harkey told a group of residents that the reason they were not able to obtain construction variances awarded to others was because "they didn't grease the right palms."

Harkey thinks that tax laws, which apply to us, don't apply to her as she has a history of 14 Federal, State and County Tax Liens.

As a council member, Harkey held a fundraiser for her State Sentate campaign on a property subject to her approval for permits for development by a former convicted felon and friend who posed as a contractor but did not have a license.

These are some of many reasons why Harkey is being recalled. It is the right of members of the community to recall a subject if they feel that she has committed gross failures in ethics. For those who constantly preview this as a joke as Jubal does, you are attacking the Rights of Free Speech of those who wish to move ahead on this. To make fun of Mr. Traphagen who was out there with three other proponents gathering signatures only shows your readers that you are very biased in your thinking and it is not worth the blog you are presenting to those who read it.

For your information, not all people are in the right jobs at the right time for the right reasons. Somewhere along the way, you will have to de-hire someone. And that means someone by the name of Diane Harkey.


"For those who constantly preview this as a joke as Jubal does, you are attacking the Rights of Free Speech of those who wish to move ahead on this"

Oh dear me, Jerry, you really are taking yourself a bit too seriously. Someone is actually waiting for you to produce some concrete evidence of misfeasance and you claim your rights to free speech are being attacked? Sorry, sir, but that's just strange.

Guns and Rose

14 documented tax liens are not evidence? A fundraiser on property while it is applying for city approvals? Participating in a council meeting the FPPC told her not too? Interfering in a private fraud case to get the owners of the St. Regis off the hook? No substance for the Harkey recall? Rather, some ignorance on the part of some bloggers.


Show us the official complaints/charges filed against her. You can say all day long the terrible things she has done...and they very well may be true. But how the helk is anyone to know if no one even bothered to file charges against her for these things?

Guns and Rose


Call the FPPC at 916-322-5660 and they will confirm they issued a letter 7/24/07 acknowleging they have under staff review at least one pending ethics case on Harkey. Wisckol has already reported it, you must have missed that.


Okay G & R, that's one issue: a pending case before the PFPC. But apparently the City Attorney (Rutan & Tucker) said it was okay for her to testify from the audience - so there's cover there. The rest of the stuff just sounds like hearsay.

From the outside looking in there seems to be an evidenciary deficit. Tax liens? I'm not a tax lawyer but it seems those could be the result of ongoing disputes with the gov't agency involved; and not related to City business in any event.

More substance, please!

Guns and Rose

Tax liens? 14 of them, with three different agencies, "on-going disputes?" That is an awful lot of slack to cut, red. Well, she says she supports Prop. 13. But 4 of the liens are owed Orange and Los Angeles County according to www.dianeharkeyrecall.com. Could they be....property taxes?! That seems obviously unethical to me. The reason she says she supports Prop. 13 on her bio may have more to do with the fact that she didn't pay her taxes, but wants people to think she is their tax advocate (even with no history of advocating lower taxes before being elected to council or ever working on a tax initiative).

The R and T letter discusses a limited exemption. It is not within the limited exemption, however, to address the council for 20 minutes and signal your position on all the issues being considered. That is what the FPPC is deciding, and if they decide in favor of Harkey, IMO they will gut their conflict of interest ethics statute and regulations, and render the Councilmember "complete recusal" on conflict situations meaningless. Chances are they will go in a different direction....

DP Resident


Was just catching up on some of the Disney posts. Noticed you were holding Disney responsible for not delivering on WESTCOT as you feel they promised.

So how should the people of Dana Point feel about Diane Harkey and her failed promises?

- What about affordable housing in Dana Point as she promised the sign waving protesters that supported her? Harkey is avoiding any meaningful work on affordable housing because it would hurt her standing with the ultra conservatives as she runs for higher office(s).

- Harkey's promise that Dana Point came first, and she would not run for higher office as previous Mayor Joe Snyder had. The Republican/Marine Col. that Harkey attacked when she ran for office.


She has broken her promise to the good citizens of DP not once, but TWICE. First with her failed bid for the State Senate, and now as she runs for the Assembly

- What about her broken promises to re-write the building code to lower building heights and control the developers?


After the recall of Harkey, who else do we disagree with so we can recall them. To heck with the people that voted her in. Because we don't like her, she's out. Can we take some time to figure out who's next?
I say Walt Disney, or maybe even Mickey, yeah that's the ticket we can recall Mickey.

Guns and Rose

Just got an email. The Harkey people have made their first serious misstep. The Dana Point Today outfit has dropped use of the city seal as a result of a cease and desist letter from the city, and now has a prominent disclaimer on their site, in addition. Call the city to get a copy of the cease and desist letter against Harkey at 949-248-3500.

I'm the Tax Man

G & R:

One thing about the so called 'tax liens" situation.

Every single piece of property in Orange County is subject to a recorded tax lien on July 1 of each year. The taxes are not due until December 10 and April 10. So, most of us have recorded tax liens on our property from July 1 to April 10 of each fiscal year.

Which means, Mr. G & R, that unless you are still living with your parents, you too have had many tax liens filed against you over the years.


Guns and Rose

Tax man (AKA Dan Harkey). Stop the con job. If Chuck DeVore had 14 tax liens his political life would be over.

I'm the Tax Man

G & R

There is no need to drag Chuck DeVore into your mud pile. He has done nothing to harm you.

And Jim, for the record, if Chuck owns his home in Irvine (as I suspect he does), then yes, he too has a tax lien filed against him right now.

Guns and Rose

Hey Tax. I was just using an example. The point is no one in political life is served well by a history of tax problems. Some believe it reflects on character. But I don't think you understand the "lien" thing (or perhaps don't want to). In Harkey's case, property tax liens are only four of the fourteen complained of anyway, the other ten are Federal and state, some for near $50,000. And they all have case numbers, including the county ones. Thus, technically, the county does have a lien for its property taxes, but it doesn't actually file a case against every single property owner with a discreet case number. That only happens when the taxes are not paid on time, and that is what shows up on the Harkey record. See www.dianeharkeyrecall.com.

Inquiring Mind

When were these tax liens filed and what is their status now? How long were they in place? In other words, is this a real issue or just another smoke screen.

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