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August 15, 2007



Ahh, Red meat for Red County. Hillary is prime rib for you guys. Fair enough. The Dems have their Bush fillet.

But an interesting side road on the Hillary bashing is that it flys right in the face of an peculiar argument put forth by some on the left. Their position is a) the country is essentially sexist and racist so Clinton & Obama can't win and b) conservatives and their media lackys are holding back attacks on Clinton and Obama and training their guns on Edwards who these folks think would be a much stronger general election candidate then the two Dem frontrunners. Mind you, Edwards isn't saying this stuff but its out there.


From this GOPers perspective, I think Edwards is the weakest of the three, Obama arguably the strongest -- although I see national security as a huuuge vulnerability for Obama.

Long-time Politico

I too have heard the argument about the electability of women or blacks. You have, I believe, fallen into the trap of painting with too broad of a brush. The discussion is not about a racist/sexist nation; it is about how significant the percentage of voters is that will refuse to vote for a woman or a black. By the way, this is a particularly relevant point if the ticket includes both of them.

As to Edwards, nobody left or right is worrying about him going anywhere except to the beauty shop.

Personally, I am concerned that too much Hillary bashing will backfire and generate sympathy for her. Let's stick to the issues friends, she is so far to the left of the American center that we can beat her on the issues. (I hope.)

Dan Chmielewski

the same way national security was a huge vulnerability for W? He had no foreign policy/national security experience and it shows

All Hillary, All The Time

Obama and Edwards: there's really no need to waste time or effort thinking about these guys. The Dem race is already over.

The proof? The fact that Hillary hasn't had to move one inch to her left in order to chase this nomination. If Obama were a real challenger, instead of the overblown fad that he is, she would have to move more toward her base as is the norm in any primary.

The fact that she gets to stay closer to the middle and pretend she's someone she's not means she'll be that much better positioned for the general.

We Republicans are grossly underestimating Hillary. It's disgusting to even think about, but she is going to be VERY tough to beat.

Go for it with this movie, Lincoln Club... every little bit is going to help against this lady. And yet again you have to say the LC has balls, regardless.


He had no foreign policy/national security experience and it shows

Without conceding your point about W (I think the particulars and situation then were different than now), your statement doesn't exactly make a case FOR Obama.

Ghost of Falwell

I understand the New Majority will be sponsoring a showing of "The Clinton Chronicles" on a giant screen at the Newport Dunes around the same time.


You have got to be kidding me??!! Six figures! Maybe they should do something constructive like help fund Voter Reg Drives or help with actually getting out the vote for the GOP Nominee. What a bunch of armchair politian wannabee's.


Long timer--

I haven't fallen into any trap, or at least not this one. I commented that this was a take by some on the left. It's not my take. As is often the case with some in the Black Helicopter Caucuses of both parties, exaggeration and conspiracy raise their ugly heads.

I agree with you that its better defined as what percentage of people will refuse to vote for an African-American or woman. Or would refuse to vote for a Mormon. Last time I checked the polling, the people who would not vote for a Mormon were far more numerous then would refuse to vote for an African-American or a woman. And some might suggest that the former governor of Taxachusetts is so far to the right of the American center that he can be beat on the issues instead of lobbing Big Love probes into the RNC.

DNL on the Edwards comment. Although the tale is a little wornout, he still has a sore chin from that self-inflicted wound. And as for Obama & Clinton on the same ticket: don't hold your breath. it's erven less likely then a McCain-Romney or Romney-Brownback ticket.

Stan Mosk

I'd be careful about believing the polling on this one. Voters will readily admit their hesitancy to vote for a Mormon candidate. But are less willing to admit their reluctance to vote for a woman or African-American.


Justice Mosk---

and your assertion is based on ...?

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