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August 29, 2007


Allan Bartlett

What can we say. It's nice to be #1. Our group is also composed of people outside of Irvine too, but generally in the OC area.

No one agrees with Dr. Paul 100% about his positions, but its nice to be part of a movement that is the total opposite of what has been and is happening in DC right now.

Powder Blue Report

Black Helicopter Crowd

Sorry, as badly as our Repubs in D.C. have jumped the tracks, we're still better served by trying to fix them than wasting any time or money supporting this guy.

Don't get me wrong: I love a hearty dose of Ayn Rand, Libertarian rants over a frosty cold beverage and all the rest. The problem with R Paul, however, besides the fact that he has never achieved anything as a legislator, is the crackpot crowd that makes up a huge slice of his supporters.

The ardent goldbugs who have been promising the collapse of American empire for decades love this guy. If you ever run into these folks at one of their "investment" conferences, which I've unfortunately done on a couple of occasions, you'll never have to attend a Star Trek convention, I assure you.

Nope... there are just a few too many folks who live in perpetual fear of the U.N.'s black helicopters backing Ron Paul for my taste, sorry.

Allan Bartlett

So the goal of a legislator is to pass onerous laws that tax more, spend more, and take away more of our freedoms little by little? We've been doing that and it isn't working. Republicans got killed in 2006 with business as usual corruption & war fatigue. No thanks.

I'm just wondering how bad it has to get before posters like Mr black helicopter crowd say uncle and take a chance on someone like a Ron Paul?

Black Helicopter Crowd

We do seem to be on a slow, depressing march toward European-style socialism.

But tell me: Ron Paul has slowed this process how, exactly?

The answer is: not at all, which is why I said, "he has never achieved anything as a legislator." He has ZERO power/influence in Washington.

You're tilting at windmills here, my man.

Allan Bartlett

So the answer is just to surrender to the slow march to socialism. Got it. The GOP politicians that do have any influence, use it against us i.e Jerry Lewis, Ken Calvert, etc. Name one DC GOP politician with "influence" who has used it further the cause of smaller government.



I wouldn't put Calvert in the same sentence as Jerry Lewis man. Say what you must about Calvert, but he doesn't hold a candle to Lewis on the liability department.

Allan Bartlett

As far as pure influence, obviously Jerry Lewis has the most clout in the GOP California delegation. It's just a shame he uses it the way he does. The man is the poster child for one of the reasons we lost in 2006. And I still can't think of anyone in DC with "influence" that exercises it like they should as a Republican.

Ken Calvert is a liablity also and needs to go to. He's a member of the "lookin for love in all the wrong places" caucus not to mention all of questionable business deals & propensity to hand out pork to campaign contributors. Do we want these kind of Republicans represneting our "Republican Franchise"? I certainly don't.

Karl Rove

Looks like Fred Thompson is announcing his offical candidacy today. It will be interesting to see how the apples rearrange in the cart now.

Richard Rios

We are excited what the future holds. We have been building a support framework in California, Arizona, Nevada and Oklahoma with increasing success.

Now it get's interesting.

Richard Rios

Director - California for Thompson, Nevada for Fred Thompson, Arizona for Fred Thompson, Oklahoma for Fred Thompson

State Coordinator-FredHeadsUSA
State Coordinator-DraftFredThompson


The South West's largest grassroots effort to support Fred Thompson for president.


I can't believe people can still be Republicans. If another one gets elected, what will be left of America? You've had eight years to prove you can help America. Look around. What's left of our freedoms?

Proud to be an OC Democrat

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