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August 29, 2007


The Firm Lives

I predict Rocco gets re-elected by a landslide.


I think you mean "The Partnership."

Guns and Rose

Rocco is no Diane Harkey.


That is odd with how recall happy the county is right now....why not throw another one in?


Barrios has been active in Orange as a Board member of the Community Foundation. Her Nixon Library stint may turn off a few folks but she and her family have deep roots in Orange and many in the Latino community are anxious to elect a Latina to the Board. So if she can raise some $$ she would be a strong candidate.

But Rocco is looking pretty formidable. He was seen a few days ago on his bike going down Grand Avenue with his French Foreign-style hat ready to do battle with the Partnership.

As I've said before I am not a big fan of most recall's. However don't be so sure most of the electorate now knows who Rocco is--off year, special and recall elections(except Arnold's mother of all recalls)tend to turn out voters well educated as to the local issues and those people will know who the Area 51(lol on that one jubal)candidate is. In a general, the incumbency label in that district might just work for voters who don't dial up the school board meetings on their cable. Otherwise, your analysis about the utility of the recall is sound.



I just got off the phone with Arianna. I was very impressed and believe she will make a formidable candidate. I'll write a follow up post soon.


"Steve Rocco? He's the crazy guy, right?"

Not necessarily a disqualification for public office.

One Flew Over the...

"Not necessarily a disqualification for public office"

Disqualification my foot. It's almost a prerequisite in OC.


Hey Jubal,

Give me your address and I'll stop by for your signature.

It's tough to motivate for sigs during summer when everyone's busy on vacation or just lounging around and there's always something more fun to do than go door-to-door. There were quite a few people out yesterday (Aug 29) at elementary school locations on class posting day.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still have never heard of this nutcase and criminal waste of time. As they say, we are the most entertained and least informed country (and county?) in the world.

Anyone who wants to help (on principle or for any other reason), feel free to email the recall.


Art Pedroza


Maybe they read what you wrote the other day when you said you would vote for Rocco over that Democratic lawyer whose name escapes me at the moment.

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