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August 28, 2007



Please save Mark Rosen. He's trying to rescue the Grebrielino Tongva Indian's casino for us.

For the record I was there to speak on the available plots of land in the city that are sitting vacant as possible sites for a new park. Specifically a skate park. I am working on getting a skate park built in Garden Grove to counter the council’s actions almost a year ago in which skateboarding was banned on portions of harbor Boulevard specifically in the hotel areas. In addition the city council voted to impose a 500 dollar fine for any youths caught skateboarding in that area.

I feel that to ban skateboarding in the city without working towards finding opportunities for our city's youth to enjoy the sport when we have so many areas that can be used for that purpose regrettable. There are so many parcels of land that can be used for a skate park or any type of park and open space. Yet the city staff chose to locate areas on city parks already in existence to purpose for possible sites for a skate park. Additionally, many of our city’s parks are on land owned by the school district. I think we need to work to increase park space in the city. Not take space away that is being used for field sports.

Paul Lucas


Did they ban skateboarding in the city as you say in the second paragraph or on Harbor Boulevard near the hotels as you say in the first?


Garden Grove needs infusion of new leadership in the council. The old, ineffective people need to move on for the citizen's sake. We miss Van's professional, yet strong leadership in the past.

Lam Pho

"I was told that the usual suspects were... The most dramatic presentation came of course from Lan Nguyen who directly challenged the plan as a scheme to save Mark Rosen from being termed-out... I thought it was great that L. Nguyen didn't hold anything back in his speech"

So were you there or not tomahawk? The above paragraph suggests that you were not there, yet your comment on Lan's speak indicates that you were.

Lam Pho

So what exactly is wrong with extending term limit??

Some Guy

What exactly is wrong with city council districts?


"So what exactly is wrong with extending term limit??"



Lam Pho, you do know that the Council meetings are televised right?

What does Mark Leyes think?

I've always admired Former G.G. Councilmember Mark Leyes and I'm hoping he will post an opinion on this subject.

Lam Pho

tomahawk, so why did you say, "I was told...". Do you just like to put in your posts statements like "I was told" or "my sources", or "my blackberry"...
And to d'Anconia, please, come on now, give me a good argument. Are you so afraid that I might counter your argument that you'd give "everything" as an answer?
The truth is, I haven't given much thought on term limit, but I feeling is if Rosen, for example, is such a bad councilman, then the people will vote him out. No need to stress over term limit

Lam Pho

"We miss Van's professional, yet strong leadership in the past"

So Jaime, you know I'm a fan of Van Tran. Could you tell me a couple things that Van did when he was with Garden Grove, that made him a professional and strong leader? Thanks

OC Watcher,
They placed a ban on skateboarding in the hotel district on Harbor Boulevard. I saw it as a bullying move. I think kids should have a skatepark in this city. Heck Costa Mesa has two. And I dont thnk we should have to plow over a soccer or football field to get it built either.

Paul Lucas

 Lam Pho:

Lam Pho you have not changed. Pity on you again. Your arguments are NOT appreciated because you have mean, bad intentions whenever you type. People will give you more respect when you become a positive, giving person. You might feel high when ever falsely believing yourself that you have the only right argument on every little issues. The truth is, people don't care about you and your little jealousy against everyone on this blog. You must grow up and start loving people. Unless you are a still teenager, you won't get any support from here or any where else.

Lam Pho;

So, what is wrong with Lam Pho?

Lam Pho

Oh I see, so if I'd just believe anything people tell me and never challenge them, that would be ok with you. In other words, you want me to behave myself like a little submissive asian boy and never question those who claim to represent me.
Never going to happen my friend, and in your worst nightmare, there are many people out there like me. See, you are so scare of me that you posted using my name, lol. Come up with your own alias, will ya?

Lam Pho;

My problem is that I have nightmare every night. I dream about myself.

One Who Knows


Elections by district are probably inevitable.

See Elections Code Section 14027 which states:

"An at-large method of election may not be imposed or applied in a manner that impairs the ability of a protected class to elect candidates of its choice or its ability to influence the outcome of an election, as a result of the dilution or the abridgment of the rights of voters who are members of a protected class, as defined pursuant to Section 14026."

Up north, the City of Modesto is fighing this but is not winning. It is reported that legal fees and costs, so far, have exceed $1,000,000.

Lam Pho;

Lam Pho, wake up, your true name is not Lam Pho. Does your family members call you Lam Pho?

Lam Pho

Yes, there are lots of Lam Phos, including my self. I'm Lam Pho the original nightmare!

Lam Pho

We are the Lam Pho family. We love to argue. We have no mercy for anybody.

skate park in GGV

Hey Paul,
Don't they have a skate park off Chapman, east of Harbor behind the Target store?

I could have sworn that it was already there

Lam Pho

Hey, where is our little Lam Pho? Our Lam Phos are every where. I'm excited.

Lam Pho

My guess is that we are nearing the end of negative Lam Pho episode. Good bye Lam Pho, the little one. I beg other Lam Phos to be sincere and truthful in representing our great community.

Lam Pho

I guess Jaime doesn't have an answer for me, and I'm still waiting for tomahawk to explain the contradiction in his post. How sad that you have to resolve to ruin the threat by using my alias.

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